SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not watched the Nov. 2 episode of “The Bachelorette.”

Last week, Jamie Skaar received a one-on-one date and a rose from titular “Bachelorette” Michelle Young. His newfound confidence allowed him to bring her a rumor he started, where he questioned her relationship with fellow contestant Joe Coleman.

She took the accusation to heart and confronted all of the men about why anyone would question her integrity. While they moved on after the rose ceremony, the cast felt ripple effects for the rest of the week, questioning where the rumors came from.

But that was only one emotional and serious part of the Nov. 2 episode of the ABC reality dating series. Young also opened up about being biracial, including instances of being called the n-word and a “token Black girl.”

Also, two group dates and a one-on-one occupied the week.

The first group date was “Top Gun: Maverick” themed, and was hosted by actors Jay Ellis and Glen Powell. Michelle put 10 of her men through flight-themed drills, including a g-force simulator that made the group queasy. Martin Gelbspan stood out to Michelle after he pulled her aside to check in following the previous week’s conflict. Meanwhile, Will Urena and Peter Izzo’s feud flared up. The pair butted-heads during the previous week and Will “winning” the date pushed Peter over the edge. He was rewarded with a bomber jacket.

The conflict between Will and Peter monopolized the evening cocktail party. While Will was with Michelle, Peter threw his jacket into the pool. The rest of the men were turned off by Peter’s actions, but they didn’t bother Michelle with the problematic anecdote. Michelle thanked the group for the lack of drama and rewarded Martin with the group date rose.

The next day, Rodney Matthews received the one-on-one. They joked about him moving out of the friend zone, but after a playful date of truth or dare — including streaking around the building — he cemented a rose. Beforehand, the two talked over dinner and Michelle took time to admire the way her mom stood up for her dad and how they tackled prejudices as an interracial couple.

Michelle referenced her previous relationship and how that aspect was missing from it. She cited an incident where she was called the n-word at the grocery store, and when sharing that story with her partner, she wasn’t met with support. She was hurt by the person’s response, which was that she was giving the attacker too much “power” and that she “chose to be upset.” She emphasized the need for support, and Rodney emphatically agreed.

The third date of the week was an exercise in spoken word hosted by poet Rudy Francisco. Each man was tasked with writing a poem, which was then presented to the group. All of the men followed the prompt, with the exception of Jamie, who went rogue with an off-the-cuff story.

After they shared their writing, Michelle took a turn. She shared a powerful verse about being “the token Black girl” and being a “stamp on diversity.”

“I was able to make friends; I got invited to all the big parties, as long as I followed the basic white trends,” she shared. “I was the girl picked last for prom, but the first for basketball.”

She went on to speak to her future soulmate and shared her hope for love. She was met with a standing ovation.

Later that evening, she and Brandon Jones continued to connect. She rewarded him with the group date rose for the second time of the season.

Jamie did not receive the news well and pulled a producer aside after the date. Off-camera, his voice was heard accusing Michelle of being in “spring break mode” and was defensive about the other men: “You’re telling me that we’re in the same league? We’re not even f—-ing close.”

He continued to diss his competitors: “I really felt like it would be a stronger group of guys,” he said with a chuckle. In the end, he mocked Michelle’s interest in others, and called it a “huge turn-off.”

After the three dates, all of the men gathered for a cocktail party. The Jamie drama returned when Rick Leach discovered that Jamie was the root of the earlier speculation. Rick, Nayte Olukoya and Casey Woods confronted him about the rumors, and he immediately became defensive and modified his story. He broke the fourth wall, referencing “episodes” and the “people at home” watching the show. Nayte was irritated that Jamie was playing to the cameras and then accused him of being threatened.

When all of the contestants were gathered back together, the accusations were brought up again. Michelle and Jamie spoke in front of everyone, comparing versions of stories. Jamie tried to talk his way out of the corner, but it was clear that he had fabricated the rumors himself.

Michelle was not pleased. She pulled him aside individually and told him that she was hurt and unable to trust him. She immediately sent him home.

The rose ceremony followed and four other men exited: Spencer Williams, Mollique Johnson, LT Murray and Peter were eliminated.

“The Bachelorette” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.