SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched the Feb. 15 episode of “The Bachelor.”

Last week on “The Bachelor,” former contestant Heather Martin arrived and shook up the house. The other women were visibly upset, but Heather pled her case to Matt James. The two share a best friend — former Bachelorette Hannah Brown, who recommended they connect.

But with the limited time left and an inability to catch up with the other women, Matt sent her home quickly, and then went straight to the rose ceremony, where Serena Chew and Chelsea Vaughn also exited.

Eight women remained, but only four would advance to “hometowns” next week. The final four roses were up for grabs between a group date and two one-on-ones. While it was expected that Abigail Heringer or Jessenia Cruz would be the recipients (they were the only two who had not yet received an individual date), Serena Pitt was invited on her second one-on-one.

Serena and Matt spent their date doing tantric yoga. The intimate expression was uncomfortable for her, while Matt had a different experience and enjoyed their time. Serena told Matt that she preferred to take things slow, which prompted concern that he was reading their relationship incorrectly. The two clarified during the night portion of the date, and he ultimately invited her to hometowns with a rose.

The group date card came and included the remaining women except for Jessenia. Abigail was the only woman to have not had an individual date and was visibly defeated at being passed over.

However, she and the others spent the next day at the group date. While there was no daytime activity shown, she used the evening to talk to Matt, and shared that while being ignored for a one-on-one date was disappointing, she was still invested in their relationship.

He did not reciprocate. Matt claimed that he was so secure in their relationship during the beginning (he gave her the first impression rose to show it), that he put her on the back burner and continued to invest in other women. In doing so, those bonds surpassed their own. He was apologetic in his tone but ultimately sent Abigail home mid-group date.

While his and Abigail’s relationship ended, the other women tried to secure their spot at hometowns: Bri Springs shared that she had to resign from her dream job to continue the show and Kit Keenan shared her ideal relationship timeline, but it was Rachael Kirkconnell who was ultimately given the rose. Matt pulled her away for additional time for a private concert with Aloe Blacc.

After confessing her life plan to Matt, Kit was unsettled. She arrived at his residence the next day and admitted that she needed to leave. Despite having feelings for him, she wasn’t sure that she wanted to marry him and, out of fairness to him, she self-eliminated.

With one more woman gone, Jessenia finally got her one-on-one date. The two spent the date on a driving track, where professional drifter Tony Angelo taught them how to operate behind the wheel. They bonded over their adrenaline junkie tendencies before they spent the evening together. During dinner, they talked about the potential of hometowns, but that would never come to fruition, as Matt sent her home before the end of the evening.

With Rachael and Serena a lock for hometowns, Bri, Pieper James and Michelle Young were in contention for the final two roses. Matt confided that he was conflicted to host Chris Harrison, but he ultimately settled on sending Pieper home.

“The Bachelor” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.