SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not watched the Oct. 5 finale of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

The beach closed and summer came to an end during “Bachelor in Paradise’s” three-hour finale. Eight men and 10 women were left at the top of the episode, and the final pairs were presented with three options on how to wrap their journey — get engaged, leave the beach together or break up.

Before couples were established during a rose ceremony — but without a cocktail party, which was canceled by the bartender and guest host Wells Adams — Abigail Heringer and Noah Erb were the first casualties on the beach. The two called it quits during the tail-end of the prom date, despite being considered one of the strongest pairs.

The remaining contestants coupled up during the rose ceremony: Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt, Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn, Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin-Solis, Thomas Jacobs and Becca Kufrin, James Bonsall and Anna Redman, Aaron Clancy and Tia Booth, and Ed Waisbrot and Mykenna Dorn. Natasha Parker and Chelsea Vaughn were sent home.

The remaining pairs were gathered the next day by Wells and Bachelor Nation couple Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes. They were reminded of their three options and told that each couple that continued to stay together would be offered alone time in the fantasy suite.

Here is how each couple ended their time on the beach:

Abigail and Noah
Abigail and Noah left the beach separately during the prom date. A post-episode scene offered present-day updates of each couple and revealed the two rekindled and have been “hanging out” and taking things slow post-show.

Present Day Status: Dating

Ed and Mykenna
Despite Ed’s persistent attempt to woo Mykenna into a fantasy suite date, she ultimately decided the two didn’t have a future. They left separately.

Present Day Status: Still separated

James and Anna 
James and Anna had a quick spark after their first date, but the connection wasn’t enough to pursue. Anna wanted to continue to date outside the show, but James didn’t feel like he could see them falling in love.

Despite leaving without a girlfriend, James found a deep “bromance” with his friend Aaron. On his way out of the resort, James asked Aaron to leave the beach with him and head back to San Diego.

Present Day Status: Still separated

Aaron and Tia
Aaron agreed to go to San Diego with James. He abruptly broke up with Tia in the hallway on his way out, leaving her without much explanation. James gave Aaron a piggyback ride out of Mexico, and the two boarded the van and headed back to the States together. Tia, who was now “0-2 in Paradise,” left single.

Present Day Status: James and Aaron are now roommates. Tia is still single.

Thomas and Becca
Thomas and Becca had been steady since their first date together, but Becca expressed concerns about needing more “humanity and realness” from him. When deciding how to move forward, Thomas admitted that he was “all in,” but Becca’s hesitation kept them from going to the fantasy suite and beyond. Becca ended the relationship, which sparked an emotional outburst from Thomas. He left the beach in tears, but Becca chased after him to assure him their time together was genuine.

As they left the beach separately, Becca lamented on her decision to break up. After asking for more “realness,” she was rewarded with just that during their last moments together. His tears and overwhelming response sparked doubt in her decision. She compared their relationship with her last two fiancés from the franchise (exes Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Garrett Yrigoyen) and said that Thomas’s commitment and cries to “trust him” wasn’t something she had previously experienced.

Present Day Status: During the post-credit update, it was revealed that “Becca and Thomas started dating again after Paradise. They are happy and in love.”

Kenny and Mari
Kenny and Mari were one of the earliest couples but faced obstacles (and love triangles) during their journey. In the end, the two were committed to each other and decided to go to the fantasy suite together.

However, during their last date, Kenny was initially hesitant about Mari’s age and readiness to commit to marriage. Their 15-year age difference — she’s 25, he’s 40 — was discussed, but neither saw it as an overwhelming obstacle. Instead, Kenny shared that meeting Mari changed the trajectory of his life; for the first time, he told someone that he loved them. She reciprocated.

After their overnight date, Kenny proposed to Mari. They both reiterated their feelings for each other before he joked about getting down on one knee. (“These old bones.”) She said yes and they left the beach together.

Present Day Status: Still engaged

Riley and Maurissa
Riley nearly gave Maurissa a heart attack when he structured their conversation like a breakup. After revealing it was a joke, the two laughed and left for their time in the fantasy suite.

During their last date together, they discussed what an engagement would mean and what their life would look like after the show. They both agreed that they would be together regardless, but Riley expressed concern about the weight of an engagement. “My mom hasn’t met you,” he mentioned. After their overnight date, he again expressed concern about an engagement, and that he needed more time to consider a proposal.

Despite that, he still got down on one knee. Maurissa accepted his proposal, and the two left engaged.

Present Day Status: Still engaged

Joe and Serena
Joe and Serena were named “Prom King and Queen” during the prom date, and they maintained their status as a couple. When deciding how to move forward, Serena told Joe that she loved him and he returned the sentiment.

Before they went to the fantasy suite, they both expressed excitement for life post-show, and that they looked forward to the normalcy of life. They both joked about how they don’t talk about their feelings and then proceeded to share how much they loved each other.

They spent the night together in the fantasy suite, and Joe prepared to propose to Serena later that day. However, the preparation was temporarily interrupted when Joe’s ex-girlfriend (and former “Bachelor in Paradise” cast member) Kendall Long appeared. Kendall returned to the beach for a last-ditch effort at closure, then congratulated Joe on his success with Serena. Joe was kind and listened to her speech before he sent her off with a hug and called her “a catch.”

When Serena arrived for her proposal, she started the exchange by sharing her feelings. When it was Joe’s turn to share, he admitted that Kendall had just left. But, he said her cameo made him even more confident and assured in his relationship with Serena. He proposed and she accepted.

Present Day Status: Still engaged