Squid Game” isn’t the only K-Drama dominating Netflix, and classics like “Seinfeld” never seem to grow old. Highlights from Nielsen’s Streaming Top 10s (which includes original series, acquired series, movies and overall programming) from the week of Oct. 18 through 24 include the South Korean noir thriller “My Name” making one of the Top 10s, “You” usurping “Squid Game” in both overall and original programming lists, “Seinfeld” making No. 4 on the acquired list and “Black Widow” still spinning her web around watchers on Disney Plus.

Not only did Nielsen publish these analyses Thursday, but the company also updated The Gauge with data from October 2021. The Guage is a monthly snapshot of how audiences in the United States are using streaming services on their TVs and how that usage compares to traditional broadcast and cable television, which is incredibly useful for the industry to seek clarity on streamer consumption and to track the trajectory of programming across platforms.

On the movie side Disney Plus and Netflix split the rankings, and Netflix ruled all other Top 10s for the week of Oct. 18. In the second week of its Season 3 debut, the creepy Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti-led show “You” on Netflix increased 28% and drove 2.7 billion minutes of viewership, and “Seinfeld” attracted 595 million viewing minutes. In a statement, Nielsen noted that going forward, the Top 10 lists will reflect both the English and Korean-language versions of “Squid Game;” 21% of the audience streamed in the Korean iteration this interval, and Asian viewers are almost 3 times more likely to watch the Netflix thriller in its original language.

Over at The Gauge, data shows that live sports and the start of the TV season boosted broadcast television viewership in October, gaining 2 share points to represent 28% of total TV viewing that month. That boon is the second consecutive monthly increase for broadcast— sports and general drama series accounted for 35% of broadcast viewership in October. Linear streamers saw double-digit growth in the amount of watchers they obtained, and YouTube's numbers increased by 2.2%, likely bolstered by the company's linear programming offerings. Of the prominent streaming services, Netflix gained a share point for hits like "Squid Game," "You" and "Maid," while total viewership dropped marginally for Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus and Hulu.