If you thought the world of “Tiger King” and Joe Exotic couldn’t get any kookier, think again. “Tiger King 2” will premiere on Netflix on Nov. 17, the streamer announced Saturday during its aptly-named global fan event Tudum, and it is promising “more madness and mayhem.”

Netflix released a video announcing the date for “Tiger King 2,” which mostly featured footage from the first series. A previous teaser showed an interview with Exotic in jail, and the follow-up promises more looks at the cast of characters, like Carole Baskin, Jeff Lowe and more, since the original show launched and took the world by storm.

The original docuseries, which captivated millions of Netflix users in the early days of COVID-19 lockdowns, picks up sometime after Exotic is imprisoned at Federal Medical Centre Fort Worth, where he is currently serving a 22-year sentence for attempting a murder-for-hire plot aimed at Baskin, plus 17 convictions for violations of animal abuse.

While “Tiger King 2” is sure to thrill fans of the original series, one person who is not happy, unsurprisingly, is Baskin, who spoke to Variety after the sequel was announced to voice her displeasure with the series and its directors.

“My phone started ringing off the hook for three months straight, people cursing at me and telling me that they wanted to burn the place to the ground and they wanted to kill me and my family and the cats. So whatever ‘Tiger King 2’ does, I’ll have that same reaction from the public that has been misled. I’ll have to spend a lot of time explaining to them how they have been misled, which means I have to watch it,” she told Variety.

She added, “I think there’s a Mark Twain quote about a lie making its way around the world faster than the truth can get its pants on, and that’s true because people just love a good lie.”

Directors Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin are returning for the second installment, as well as executive producers Chris Smith and Fisher Stevens. Good and Chaiklin will also serve as executive producers.