Season 33 of “The Simpsons” will kick off in a musical fashion with a little help from “Frozen” star Kristen Bell, the long-running show’s producers revealed on Saturday.

During the Comic-Con panel “The Simpsons Season 33 and Beyond,” executive producer Matt Selman teased what fans can expect from the Season 33 premiere, which airs on Sept. 26. The musical episode, titled “The Star of the Backstage,” will feature all original songs with Bell as Marge’s singing voice.

“The premiere this year is the most musical episode we’ve ever done – almost wall-to-wall music,” Selman said. “It’s like a Broadway musical of an episode, with all original songs, and we’ve got Kristen Bell playing the role of Marge’s singing voice. We all love Marge’s voice, but this is the singing voice that’s different, let’s just say.”

The panel also shared a sketch of one of the scenes from the episode, depicting Homer singing to an annoyed-looking Marge in the bathroom in his underwear.

“The Simpsons” team revealed a few more tidbits about the upcoming season, including that there will be five segments in the show’s annual “Treehouse of Horror” event.

“[We’ll have] five segments on this year’s Halloween show for the first time,” executive producer Al Jean said. “We have a romance that may come to stick in Moe’s life, and we explore the greatest tragedy Homer ever faced with guest star Rachel Bloom.”

Selman said this season will also have a “two-part epic love letter to the show ‘Fargo’ and prestige crime shows in the world of streaming television,” featuring Timothy Olyphant, Christopher Melonia and Brian Cox.

Watch the full panel below.