Taleseed, a Paris-based outfit launched over a year ago by a trio of experienced French media executives, is developing “Mousquetaires,” a contemporary series inspired by Alexandre Dumas’ classic “The Three Musketeers.”

The banner, which is headquartered in the Parisian start-up campus Station F, was founded by Valérie Billaut, Stéphane Cadoch and Hugues Laigneau. Billaut, the banner’s CEO, spent 20 years working at Canal Plus and M6;
Cadoch previously headed TF1 Distribution; and Laigneau also worked at the TF1 Group in the advertising sales division.

The series is being penned by Clement Marchand and Milan Mauger, who recently partnered up on the script of “Tous pourris” and “La professionelle” for Pathé. Marchand has worked for Canal Plus’s popular talk show Le Grand Journal and the satirical program les Guignols. Mauger is an actor-turned-scribe who notably starred in “Sans Rancune” with Thierry Lhermitte and directed the short “L’adjoint avait une barbe.”

Billaut said “Mousquetaires” will be different from other projects adapted by Dumas’ masterpiece because it will be a modern tale grounded in today’s France. “We’re adapting the story to today’s society and looking at the values of loyalty and friendship are coming through nowadays,” said the executive.

“Mouquetaires” is set in a near future, where the president of France, a woman, has just been murdered. The four musketeers, who are an elite squad, set off to uncover the conspiracy which led to the assassination and handle the ensuing crisis.

Although the series will have a political backdrop, Billaut said the idea was to create an entertaining series with some depth. “Mousquetaires” will also boast a diverse cast to reflect French society,” she said.

DNA of Dumas’ classic will be reflected through the emphasis on the values shared by the musketeers and the enthronement’s ritual of new members.

The project will be put together collectively by the Marchand and Mauger who will likely collaborate with other writers.

Speaking of the project’s tone and genre, Billaut said it will be a mix of “Kingsman” and “Sherlock” with “lots of epic James Bond-style action scenes.”

Taleseed is currently developing a dozen of other projects and recently delivered the short format series “Damoiselle” for TV5Mondeplus.