In Netflix’s ultra-popular “Squid Game,” hundreds of debt-ridden people sign up to compete in order to win a life-changing cash prize. The Korean thriller is already primed to be the steamer’s most-watched original series since coming out on Sept. 17, even motivating one Korean service provider to press claims for network usage fees. But the show’s global success also means it’s likely to be one of the most popular Halloween costumes this year.

The matching green track suits are one of the most distinct parts of the series, worn by the players as they take part in nostalgic games from childhood, including Red Light, Green Light and Tug of War. Counter to them are the the mysterious guards, clad in red jumpsuits and eerie fencing masks, each wielding the power to set the rules and enact fatal punishments for the unfortunate losers.

The prominent red jumpsuits, similar to those featured in Netflix’s “Money Heist,” have become particularly buzzy online, spurring hundreds of memes and Tik-Toks about ways to recreate the look.

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Costume manufacturers have been fast to jump on the show’s popularity, with dozens of options already available online for realistic “Squid Game”-inspired looks. Below is everything you need to transport yourself to the show’s Korean dystopia this October.

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Squid Game Green Track Suit

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After signing up for the competition, players find themselves woken up in a remote warehouse, all donning matching green-and-white tracksuits. Each player is assigned a number, as denoted on their jackets. This set is already a best-seller on Amazon, featuring the number 067 for fan-favorite character Kang Sae-byeok. Alternatives donning the numbers of Players 001 (Oh Il-nam), 218 (Cho Sang-woo), 240 (Ji-yeong), and 456 (Seong Gi-hun) are also available.

 Red Guard Jumpsuits

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For a more villainous costume, go as the masked guards, responsible for explaining the rules of each game and bringing losers to their deaths.  This best-selling set includes  the white circle, square or triangle on the chest as seen in the show.

Red Guard Mask

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Your Red Guard costume won’t be complete without their black fencing mask, which they wear at all times to hide their identities.  This one is made out of a durable resin material and printed with a white triangle.

Squid Game - Netflix - Robot Girl Doll

Red Light, Green Light Doll Outfit

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Pair this orange flared dress with a yellow t-shirt (or peter pan collared polo) underneath to recreate the Red Light, Green Light doll from the competition’s first game. Finish up the look with knee-high socks and mary jane flats to achieve her deceiving facade of innocence before going in for the kill.

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Additional costume opportunities are not limed to the above, you can always dress up in a simple mask for the look of the Front Man or slip on the golden lion look.

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