Your Honor,” Showtime’s latest legal crime thriller (with a twinge of horror) starring Bryan Cranston and executive produced by showrunner Peter Moffat, concluded this past Sunday with record-breaking highs for the ViacomCBS-owned television network. The 10-episode miniseries is on track to be the biggest debut season in Showtime Networks’ history, Variety confirmed in an exclusive interview with Kim Lemon, executive vice president of research, program planning & scheduling.

The show’s tragic Shakespearian conclusion, which aired on Feb. 14, has so far been seen by about 1.7 million viewers across platforms, a substantial increase of 29% compared to its penultimate episode (1.35 million viewers), which aired on Super Bowl Sunday. For Showtime, this marked the most-watched total night since the eighth-season wrap-up and series finale of “Homeland” last April.

“It was the best Sunday night of the season,” Lemon said. Per Lemon, the audience (broadly viewers ages 35+) for “Your Honor” has surged since its debut on Dec. 6, recently hitting 7.4 million viewers across platforms (including Showtime Anytime, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube TV, among other subscription streamers), more than doubling the premiere’s numbers. Finale viewership more than doubled from the series premiere (766,000 viewers).

“What has been so good about watching this show has been that it has performed exactly as you’d like to see show progress from its modest opening and building upon a week-by-week basis… It’s really the biggest show on our network right now, and it has and surpassed all of our expectations. It had a great concept with a fantastic star attached,” he added.

The series is currently averaging over 6 million viewers a week across platforms but is shaping up to be a 7-million viewer series in its final weeks, and viewers who came late to the series have been catching up in time for the finale at record levels, topping catch-up heights seen by recent seasons of “Shameless” and “Homeland,” according to Showtime. As with all premium series, the bulk of viewing will be delivered across platforms on-demand, streaming and delayed viewing, so watching stats will likely increase once those metrics are accounted for.

“That’s one of the ways that we see shows gain momentum. It’s when audiences realize that something is going on out there. We had more catch-up viewing for this show than we’ve seen for most of our other shows, so clearly, people were talking about it. And they came in and started watching and continued to watch,” Lemon said.

“Your Honor” has been attracting both a traditional linear audience and a streaming audience that is on pace to be the most-watched Showtime series on streaming platforms ever. The show’s end saw 742,000 viewers in its Sunday night telecast, and the tenth episode had 825,000 on-demand/streaming eyes on it that evening as well.

Showtime’s adaptation of “Kvodo,” a 22-episode series created by Ron Nino and Shlomo Mashiach, was executive produced by Moffat alongside Robert and Michelle King, Liz Glotzer, Edward Berger, Bryan Cranston, James Degus, Rob Golenberg, Alon Aranya, Ram Landes, Ron Eilon and Danna Stern. Ninio and Maschiach were also tapped to executive produce.

“Your Honor” centers around the respected New Orleans judge Michael Desiato (Bryan Cranston) who desperately tries to cover up his teenage son Adam’s (Hunter Doohan) accidental hit-and-run murder, leading to a high-stakes games of lies, deceit and impossible choices. The cast also features Hunter Doohan, Michael Stuhlbarg, Hope Davis, Isiah Whitlock Jr, Carmen Ejogo, Sofia Black-D’Elia in main and supporting roles.