“Schitt’s Creek” director Jerry Ciccoritti has signed on to direct and produce a TV adaptation of “The Psychology of Stupidity” by Jean-Francois Marmion. Scott Steindorff and Dylan Russell’s Stone Village Television, the producers behind NBC series “Las Vegas” and the Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning HBO miniseries “Empire Falls,” are teaming up with Herbert Kloiber’s Munich-based production outfit and finance firm Night Train Media to helm the book-to-screen project.

Per the half-hour comedy’s description, “The Psychology of Stupidity” follows neuroscientist psychologist Anthony, who opens a practice to try to cure people of stupid behavior under the mantra that until you accept your own stupidity, you can‘t expect others to stop acting so stupidly. Part survival guide, part self-help, the behavior of the characters will be recognizable to everyone who is truly honest with themselves. “The Psychology of Stupidity” is the first book in a series in which French scientist and psychologist Marmion takes an honest look at the stupid things we do and why we do them.

“All people have blind spots. This show will not attack people but rather point out the stupid things we do and believe. A new awareness of overlooked issues. Done in a gentle, funny, compassionate way,” Steindorff, managing partner of Stone Village and writer of the TV adaptation, said.

“Torrents of stupidity seem to flood the entire planet, shattering the dykes of social networks and even trickling down to the Capitol. It will not be said that we’ll drown without struggling,” Marmion added.

Kloiber, former managing director of Tele München Group, launched Night Train Media last February to develop, co-produce, finance and distribute in-house and third-party projects. The company recently teamed up with U.K. producer Blackbox Multimedia to announce a series based on the novel “The Ex-Wife” by Jess Ryder, adapted from the New York Times bestselling author Catherine Steadman (2018’s “Something in the Water”), who also starred in “Downton Abbey.”