“Rival Peak,” the first-ever interactive AI reality series, has ended on Facebook Watch with more than 100 million minutes watched over the course of its 12-week season.

The show hailed from dj2 Entertainment, Pipeworks Studios, and Genvid Technologies. It attracted viewers from over 70 countries, with the biggest audiences coming from the U.S., India, Brazil, Mexico, and the Philippines. By the time Season 1 ended, viewership had increased 55 times over compared to week one.

“I’m genuinely proud of the way we ramped up from project proposal, to concept, to execution/production so quickly and so well,” said Dmitri M. Johnson, CEO of DJ2. “Our entire team – including the writers, the talent, and our director – appreciates the opportunity to contribute to the success of this ambitious multi-company collaboration.”

“Rival Peak” placed twelve AI contestants in the Pacific Northwest where they had to survive elimination and solve the mystery that brought them together. Viewers could observe, help, or hinder one or more AI contestants via the 24/7 character-dedicated, interactive livestreams. Viewers’ voting will eliminated one contestant from the competition, but not the story, each week. It represented the first-ever entry into the new Massive Interactive Live Event (“MILE”) category. Wil Wheaton hosted the weekly aftershow “Rival Speak.”

“Our goal with ‘Rival Peak’ and ‘Speak’ was to create an altogether new entertainment experience that merges lean-back entertainment (TV and livestreaming) with interactive entertainment (games),” said Jacob Navok, CEO and co-founder of Genvid and the showrunner for ‘Rival Peak.’ Facebook has been an incredible partner in this process. Using their platform we were able to seamlessly weave a global, mobile-first experience across livestreaming, VOD and games that could reach tens of millions. This tremendous success is a 1 Does not include user minutes spent watching streams or episodes inside the Rival Peak app, which is separate from the FB pages palpable proof of concept for this new entertainment format, and we’re already looking forward to running even bigger MILEs with major partners that will be announced in the future.”

Among other key metrics for the show are: “Rival Peak” and “Rival Speak” amassed more than 200 million engagements; 84% of users accessed “Rival Peak” and “Rival Speak” via Android, 12% on iOS, and 4% on PC/Mac.

“While we are game developers at Pipeworks, at our core we are creators and inventors,” said Lindsay Gupton, CEO at Pipeworks Studios. “Not too long ago, we wondered how we could leverage the groundbreaking work we were doing in emergent AI and social broadcasting to create a uniquely interactive live experience. From there, Rival Peak was born, brought to life with Genvid’s unrivaled interactive streaming tech and DJ2’s tremendous storytelling abilities.”