Richard Lewis is coming back to “Curb Your Enthusiasm” after all.

After initially stating that he was taking a break from the show to recover from surgeries, the comedian and actor announced Thursday that he will star in one episode of the show’s upcoming season.

Lewis tweeted a photo on the set of “Curb,” writing, “Great news for me! Although I’m still recovering from three surgeries and missing Season 11 of Curb, LD called me and asked if there was any chance if I felt strong enough to do one episode! I am and here I’m on the set to shoot it. I’m so grateful.”

“It was maybe the best I’ve ever been in the 11 seasons,” Lewis told Variety, referring to his first day on set. “And I know this because I made Larry crack up at least 15 or 20 times during this one scene.”

Initially slated to appear in six episodes in Season 11, Lewis bowed out to recover from three surgeries. He said Larry David and producer Jeff Schaffer were keeping tabs on him throughout his hospitalizations, until about three weeks ago when Lewis told David he was making “great strides” and wanted to return to set.

“When I walked in and they applauded, I felt like a million bucks,” Lewis said. “Larry doesn’t like to hug, and he hugged me and told me how happy he was after we shot our scene.”

It wasn’t just the cast and crew that was excited to see Lewis on set. His tweet announcing his comeback was welcomed with a wave of love and support, from fans and celebrities alike, including co-star J.B. Smoove who wrote, “Hey Bud!! Wish I was working today! You look great!! Love ya!!”

“I’m just very flattered and grateful that people really love this show,” Lewis said.

Despite recovering from the surgeries and going to physical therapy five times a week, Lewis said he feels great and snapped right back into the groove when arriving on set.

“My adrenaline was pumping so much, I just went crazy,” Lewis said. “We went to places that I don’t think we’ve ever been before.”

Lewis said he has two days left of shooting his episode, but so far he has worked with David, Cheryl Hines and Susie Essman. He expects to see Smoove and the rest of the cast in the coming days.

“I’m really proud of that first day, and I just hope it continues,” Lewis said. “I’m still delirious that I’m going to actually be a part of the 11th season. I was so ecstatic to be there.”

Lewis, who has known David for his entire life and has worked on the show for over 20 years, says he is so grateful to be a part of something as special as “Curb.”

“I’ve devoted my life to comedy and my sobriety the last almost 27 years,” Lewis said. “I’m overwhelmed with joy right now. I never learned how to keep joy in my head for more than a minute, but I’m breaking all records for my life today.”