Facebook and Google do it. Now NBCUniversal wants to join them.

The Comcast-controlled media conglomerate intends to launch “One21,” an annual gathering it hopes will bring insights from top advertisers who are working to use new technologies to get their messages in front of increasingly resistant consumers. The initial event will take place on March 22, an effort to reach marketers early in the year and work with them in months to come.

If the meeting sounds similar to gatherings like Facebook F8 or Google I/O, well, it is. NBCUniversal is eager to call attention to its various platforms and get advertisers to develop concepts that might work around them. While it’s best known for its TV programs, NBCUniversal has in recent months worked to build out e-commerce capabilities along with its Peacock streaming-video hub. The company has also broken down divisions between its local and national sales units. All of those developments will spur it to seek closer interaction with consumers than what’s typically provided by traditional TV ads.

The meeting is open to creative professionals, developers, entrepreneurs and others, and will highlight opportunities with sibling operations Comcast and Sky as well.

“”One21′ will give our partners a full view of the technology that powers their plans, the stories that connect them to consumers, and the commerce tools that drive results,” said Josh Feldman, Chief Marketing Officer, NBCUniversal, Advertising and Partnerships, in a prepared statement.