Netflix offered a sneak peek at the final episodes of its global hit drama “Money Heist” on Saturday, revealing major tension among the team with its eye on a massive score of gold, as part of the streamer’s marathon global content promotion event “Tudum.”

La Casa de Papel,” known as “Money Heist” in English-language markets, will launch its last five episodes on Dec. 3. Netflix stressed that the series is its most-watched non-English-language drama that has been seen by 180 million households worldwise.

Set in Madrid, “La Casa de Papel” revolves around a ragtag group of misfits who decide to break into the Spanish mint to steal millions of Euros in untraceable cash. The series’ success well beyond Spain and Europe’s borders was an early signal to Netflix that going deep on local language strategy would pay dividends in the long run.

As Variety‘s Jamie Lang reported in August in a deep dive into the global hit :

When Netflix picked up “Money Heist,” it cut up the series’ original 15-episode run into 22 episodes of around 50 minutes each and, as with most of its series, launched the show’s entire first part at once.

“The way we watch TV is brutally addictive,” explains series creator Álex Pina. “With a show like ours, when you add in advertising and air it only once a week, you lose electricity with the viewer, and the compulsion fades. Streaming allows them to feed that addiction.”

Parts 3 and 4 were filmed simultaneously, and after they dropped in July 2019 and April 2020, the show continued to redefine what non-English-language content could achieve at Netflix. “Money Heist,” along with Germany’s 2017 breakout “Dark,” broke the mold and paved the way for future Netflix standouts such as Spain’s “Élite” and France’s “Lupin,” both of which have set audience records for non-English-
language series.