After a short tenure as Alex Trebek’s replacement on “Jeopardy,” Mike Richards made the bombshell announcement to step down following a period of resurfaced lawsuits alleging sexist behavior in the workplace and sexist and disparaging remarks made on his previous podcasts. Now, people in Hollywood and Twitter users are weighing in on the news that shocked the game show world.

When asked about if he were offered the hosting gig in an interview recorded on Thursday, guest host and NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers told SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio, “Yeah, I definitely would have. If they would have figured out a way to make it work with my schedule yeah, for sure.”

Minutes before the news of Richards’ exit broke, fan-favorite host LeVar Burton tweeted a simple “Happy Friday, y’all,” which many fans read as a coded comment on the shake-up, although Burton is often greeting his fans similarly on the social media platform on less exciting days.

Other celebrities weighed in on the news, either with serious commentary or satirical takes on pursing the job themselves. Many people on Twitter pointed out the seemingly unfair advantage Richards had on the decision process for a permanent host since he is an executive producer on “Jeopardy.” Others championed Burton as the ideal candidate for the new “Jeopardy” host.

“None of this had to happen. A fair process creating an even playing field and equal chance for everyone to shine is all it took,” tweeted Yvette Nicole Brown.

In his letter announcing his exit, Richards wrote, “I want to apologize to each of you for the unwanted negative attention that has come to Jeopardy! over the last few weeks and for the confusion and delays this is now causing. I know I have a lot of work to do to regain your trust and confidence.”

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