Mark Gordon Pictures acquired screen rights to “The Code Breaker,” based on Walter Isaacson’s “The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race.” The book was published March 9 by Simon & Schuster, and spent several weeks on the top of New York Times best sellers list.

The book centers on how Doudna and her collaborators invented an easy-to-use tool to edit DNA. The Nobel Prize winning scientist’s DNA work has been central in the rapid development of diagnostics and vaccines for coronavirus, along with sickle cell anemia and certain forms of cancer.

“The Code Breaker” will be executive produced by Mark Gordon and Beth Pattinson of Mark Gordon Pictures. Gordon and Isaacson previously collaborated on the producer’s adaptation of Isaacson’s bestselling book “Steve Jobs.” That movie was nominated for two Oscars in acting categories. 

“At a time when science is more in the public eye than ever, it is a privilege to be interested in Jennifer’s story and to highlight the life changing work performed by her and her extraordinary collaborators,” Beth Pattinson said on behalf of Mark Gordon Pictures. “As a young child, Jennifer was told that science was not a job for women. Using Walter’s beautifully written book, we hope to demonstrate to a new generation that it very much is.”

Isaacson enthused about the adaptation, calling Doudna’s story “a thrilling detective tale about discovering the wonders of nature and intending tools that can make us healthier and protect us from pandemics.” He added: Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear lab coats.”