A new collective of Latino actors, writers, directors and executives in Hollywood called “La Mesa” will host its inaugural “La Mesa Live Table Read” at the LATC Theater on Aug. 15.

The event will spotlight unproduced pilot scripts by three Latinx television writers who have been paired with seasoned Latinx television directors. Writers Linda Dillon Moya, Meredith Garcia-Painter and Spiro Skentzos have been workshopping their pilots with multiple-Emmy winner Linda Mendoza (“Never Have I Ever,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”), Jon Huertas (“This Is Us,” “Castle”) and Victor Gonzalez (“Mr. Iglesias,” “George Lopez”) for the last few weeks, and the pairs will present the first 10 pages of their scripts at the event with casts of predominantly Latinx actors. 

“La Mesa Table Read” is produced in partnership with Nosotros and the Latino Theater Co. The event and “La Mesa” itself work towards a goal of increasing visibility and opportunity for Latinx creatives in film and television. “La Mesa” was founded in early 2021 by “Mr. Iglesias” and “Wizards of Waverly Place” producer and writer Peter Murrieta, “Super White” comedian and writer Erik Rivera and WGA Latinx Writers Committee co-chair Jorge Rivera.

“La Mesa is a collective of writers, directors, actors, standup comics, executives, producers, managers, casting directors and anyone else that knows we have to rise together,” Murrieta said in a statement. “When we are all striving for success, in our own way, in our own race, the strongest thing you can do is see other people doing the same and reach out and help them go further, too. I can’t wait for you to see what we’re up to.”

For tickets to the table read, go to www.eventbrite.com/e/164875295447.

Pictured above: Jon Huertas