Freeform has canceled the Josh Thomas comedy “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay” after two seasons.

The quirky Australian auteur starred as a young man who is suddenly tasked with raising his two half-sisters after the death of their father. Thomas confirmed Tuesday in a tweet that the series would not be back for a third season.

“Freeform has been a dream to work with — so cool and open and sincerely progressive,” Thomas wrote. “I’m so grateful we got a platform to make this show. I love them and they are obsessed with me, I hope we get another chance to work together.”

Season two wrapped its 10-episode run on June 3. Kayla Cromer and Maeve Press co-starred as sisters Matilda and Genvieve. Adam Faison, Lillian Carrier, Lori Mae Hernandez, Richard Kind and Maria Bamford were also regulars.

Thomas hailed his “cast, writers and crew who are talented, kind and passionate,” he wrote. “We made the second season at the peak of the pandemic and everyone did such a beautiful job of keeping ech othe safe and happy and sometimes dancing. If any of these people ask you for a job, I highly recommend you say yes.”

Thomas made his mark in 2013 with the stylish Aussie autobiographical comedy series “Please Like Me,” which ran for four seasons in the U.S. on Pivot (Participant Media’s now-shuttered cabler) and Hulu. After that show ended in 2016, he quickly cut a deal with Freeform for “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay.”

“Everything’s Gonna Be Okay” was executive produced for Freeform and Avalon Television by Thomas, Richard Allen-Turner, David Martin, Stephanie Swedlove, Jon Thoday and Kevin Whyte.