Jesús Zavala (“Club de Cuervos”) and Sofía Espinosa (“Gloria”) have been tapped to lead the Spanish-language adaptation of NBCU’s hit series “Superstore.”

Titled “Supertitlán,” it will be co-directed by showrunner César Rodríguez (“Compañeros”) and Joserra Zúñiga (“Chumel”).

The English-language original, which reached 33.7 million viewers in its final season 6, was created by Justin Spitzer (“The Office”) and produced by Universal Television, in association with Spitzer Holding Company, Miller Green Broadcasting and The District.

“Supertitlán” is Universal Studio Group’s first co-production partnership in Mexico and its first Spanish-language title.

Joining Zavala and Espinosa in the Spanish-language version are Luz Aldán (“La Casadelas Flores”), Ricardo Peralta (“Sobreviví”), Carlos Orozco (“Plan Sexenalen”), Aldo Escalante (“El Señor de los Cielos”), Erika Franco (“Margarita”), Azalia Ortíz (“Dodo”), Martín Barba (“Cuatro Lunas”), Roberta Burns (“Dibujando el Cielo”), Francisco de la Reguera (“Sr. Ávila”), Viviana Serna (“Señor de los Cielos”), Amanda Farah (“La Casa de las Flores”), Harold Azuara (“Rosario Tijeras”), Laura de Ita (“Efectos Secundarioss”), Nuria Blanco (“El Vato”) and Eugenio Rubio (“Sobreamor”).

Fidela Navarro, Amaya Muruzabal and Rosana Tomás will executive produce while Karina Blanco serves as producer and Pablo Silva as creative director.

“This format has a very special DNA and enables us to take a new step in Latin American comedy,” said Navarro. “By bringing on a new generation of talent across all areas, we’re able to innovate and produce a show with universal themes and high production values, which new audiences who consume content on various different platforms are able to identify with.”

Enrique Guillén, executive VP of commercial strategy and international development at Universal Studio Group, added: “César Rodríguez and Joserra Zúñiga have recreated the original story with a fresh twist and comedy rhythm, which represents a young, authentic and universal Mexico. Jesús Zavala and Sofía Espinosa are the perfect actors to bring our lead characters to life. They are also joined by a wider cast full of talent and surprises, with exciting roles that promise to delight global audiences.”

The series will be co-produced by Dopamine in Mexico and Universal Television and NBCUniversal International Studios, both divisions of Universal Studio Group. It was licensed by NBCUniversal Formats. NBCUniversal Global Distribution will distribute.