On Wednesday, Amy Schneider won her 21st consecutive game of “Jeopardy!,” making her the first woman in the show’s history to do so. She then broke her own record, winning her 22nd game the next night.

The record for most consecutive wins by a woman was previously held by Julia Collins, who had her 20th win in 2014. Schneider reflected on Collins’ legacy on Twitter, where she writes a thread of “post-game thoughts” after each episode airs (though the episodes were all taped in September and October). 

“Twenty wins! It happened months ago for me, and I’m still trying to take it in,” she said. “In my highest of high hopes, I never dreamed of matching Julia’s streak. It’s hard to say how I felt: proud, dazed, happy, numb, all those things.”

This isn’t Schneider’s first time making history for her run on the trivia show. She won her 10th consecutive game on Nov. 30, becoming the first out trans person to make the Tournament of Champions, the annual event featuring the top 15 players of each “Jeopardy!” season.

She has also made waves for wearing a trans pride flag pin while competing. “Thanksgiving is a time for family, and sadly it’s still true for a lot of trans people that that can be difficult for them, that they may have a difficult relationship with their families,” she said in a video posted to the official “Jeopardy!” Twitter account on Nov. 26. “I’m fortunate enough not to have that issue myself, but I know it’s out there, so I just wanted to send that message of support.”

Schneider’s total winnings on “Jeopardy!” have now reached $831,600, the fifth highest amount ever and the highest amount for a female contestant.