After a frenzied Monday in which NBC canceled its telecast of the 2022 Golden Globes and WarnerMedia joined Netflix and Amazon Studios in boycotting the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and the Globes, the HFPA has revealed its time frame for “implementing transformational changes as quickly – and as thoughtfully – as possible,” which it said “remains the top priority for our organization.

“We invite our partners in the industry to the table to work with us on the systemic reform that is long overdue, both in our organization as well as within the industry at large.”

Here are the HFPA’s “Reform Milestones”:

Week of May 3

Members meet, consider, and overwhelmingly vote to approve and implement the Board’s plan for transformational change

Board continues to meet with advocacy groups to develop initiatives to fulfill the HFPA’s commitment to add at least 20 new members by August 2021 and increase membership by 50% in 18 months

Eradicating the new member one year moratorium on voting; All new members will have all voting rights day 1.

Board and members approve hiring of Ropes & Gray to amend and restate Bylaws and other governing documents to implement member-approved plan for transformational change

Weeks of May 10 and 17

Revise and approve new Code of conduct in consultation with Publicists and studios

Continue outreach to potential new member candidates

Publish Code of Conduct and establish Hotline for reporting of violations

Engage independent third party investigator to review and respond promptly to all Hotline claims

Interview candidates and engage new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (“DEI”) consultant

Identify and recruit independent, outside professionals and non-Board members and form Accountability/Oversight Board (“Advisory Board”) to oversee HFPA Board in implementing plan for transformational change

Interview Executive Search Firms to commence search for Chief DEI/HR Officer and identification of potential CEO/CFO and other executives to lead HFPA

HFPA website to be continuously updated to show progress against plan and to list promised Member information (biographies, publications, affiliations, etc.)

Weeks of May 24 and 31

New DEI Consultant and other outside experts conduct mandatory member trainings for DEI and sexual harassment

Board and Advisory Board continue work on identification of applicants to fulfill commitment to add at least 20 new members by August 2021

Grants Officer and subcommittee of members continue work to increase support of internship, mentorship, and scholarship programs for students from underrepresented backgrounds interested in international journalism

Identify and recruit independent, outside professionals for new Credentials Committee, which will oversee new membership application process and reaccreditation of current members based on same criteria as new members

Continue review of committee structure / compensation

First reading of Bylaw Amendments at General Membership Meeting (“GMM”)

Weeks of June 7, 14, and 21

Focus groups with members, Advisory Board, and Ropes & Gray to review amendments to Bylaws and other governing documents

Board assesses and evaluates recommendations of Executive Search Firm for new Executive Officer team

Form new Credentials Committee

All above work streams on trainings, mentorship, and recruitment continue

Week of June 28

Second reading of Bylaw Amendments at GMM

Ballots for voting on Bylaw Amendments mailed to members

Implement new policies on Gifts, Travel, Conflicts of Interest, and Press Conferences

Week of July 5

Members vote on Bylaw Amendments by ballot

Weeks of 12 and 19

Approved Bylaw Amendments become effective

New Officer and Board elections under amended and restated Bylaws

New membership process opens per new criteria enacted in amended and restated Bylaws

All existing members required to meet same standards as new members for reaccreditation of their membership

Week of July 26

New member process continues

Reaccreditation continues

Week of August 2

New members admitted to HFPA

New Board elected, including independent members, in accordance with amended and restated Bylaws

New CEO/CFO and other Executive Team approved and engaged to manage HFPA

Existing Board and Officers resign upon election of New Board and hiring of Executive Team