The TV adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s “Wild Card” book series is moving from Hulu to Peacock.

The project was originally set up at Hulu in 2018. Andrew Miller, who had been attached to write and executive produce the project at Hulu, is no longer involved. The project remains in development as the search for a new writer is ongoing. Martin will executive produce along with Melinda Snodgrass and Vince Gerardis. Martin and Snodgrass edit the “Wild Card” books, while Gerardis is Martin’s manager. UCP will produce for Peacock.

In the series, an alien pathogen known as the Wild Card virus is released over Manhattan in 1946, altering the course of human history. The virus rewrites DNA, mutating its survivors. A lucky few are granted awe-inspiring superpowers, while the sad majority are left with often repulsive physical deformities.

The plan at Hulu had been to develop at least two shows set within the “Wild Cards” universe, with Miller overseeing both shows. Whether or not that strategy will continue in the Peacock version remains to be seen, but given the propensity for streamers to build out interconnected worlds based on existing IP, it seems more than likely.

The “Wilds Cards” books were first released beginning in 1987, with over 40 authors having contributed to the series in that time. To date, over two dozen books in the series have been published. The most recent entry in the series, “Knaves Over Queens,” was released earlier in 2019. The original idea behind the books came from Martin’s experience as a gamemaster in the roleplaying game “Superworld.”

This is not the first project Martin has worked on with UCP. He previously executive produced the UCP-produced Syfy series “Nightflyers,” which was based on Martin’s novella of the same name. Martin is best known for penning the “A Song of Ice and Fire” books, which served as the basis for the megahit HBO series “Game of Thrones.”