It appears that the king of surrealist filmmaking is also the king of trolling his fans on the internet.

David Lynch, the genius behind “Inland Empire,” “Blue Velvet” and “Eraserhead” teased on Sunday that he’d be making an announcement on his YouTube channel, which mostly consists of no-frills daily weather reports from the Academy Award-winning writer and director, as well as a daily segment in which Lynch pulls a bingo ball out of a jar and says the number out loud. (That’s it.)

Fans of Lynch’s work immediately began sleuthing what the big news would be from the experimental director, musician and painter, hoping for insight on whether or not Lynch would finally be candid about the possibility of “Twin Peaks” getting a fourth season. After all, the third season of the arthouse mystery returned on Showtime 27 years after its cancellation, with much of its beloved original cast and crew intact. Other fans speculated that Lynch could be announcing another studio album in the works (his last, released in 2018, was a collaborative project with Angelo Badalamenti, best known for scoring several of Lynch’s films and television shows).

On Monday morning , Lynch admirers got their definitive answer: he’s just continuing his weather reports and daily number reveals. In the YouTube video, Lynch explains that while he was initially going to pull the plug on his channel’s series, he read his subscribers’ comments and had a change of heart. His fans did get slightly trolled, but Lynch delivers a sweet message of support and gratitude for them. Catch the full video here.