Jordan Klepper’s segment on “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” depicted rioters storming the Capitol at any cost — including attacking the segment’s cameraman, as well as elected officials and police.

The video showcases swaths of far-right and white supremacist groups, supporters of President Donald Trump and other affiliated organizations brandishing MAGA merchandise, confederate flags and weaponry, such as tactical military gear and pitchforks.

“You can tell these people really love America by the number of weapons they brought to hurt other Americans,” Klepper said.

Throughout the insurrection, the mobs chanted slogans such as “Fuck Antifa” and “Take it back,” referencing their false belief that the election was compromised.

In the video, Klepper asks various passersby where the “sedition” is, their reasoning for participating in the riot, what they hope to gain out of it and if they understand its repercussions. One attendee who was questioned, pictured holding an American flag and wearing a camouflage backpack, ends the conversation by saying “screw you” and calling Klepper and his team an LGBTQ-related slur.

On Jan. 6, thousands of Trump supporters, egged on by the president’s rally earlier in the day, stormed the Capitol to disrupt the electoral college vote count during a joint session of Congress with hopes of overturning President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. The rioters occupied, vandalized and looted parts of the building throughout the day, which led to a mass evacuation and lockdown of the building, as well as five deaths.

“In the end, the crowd didn’t stop our democracy — let’s take heart in that,” Klepper said at the end of the segment. “This shit-stain rebellion failed, as did my dry January.”

Watch the video below.