Jake Tapper, the Washington-based correspondent for CNN, will likely get a new spotlight at the network after it said it would expand his weekday program to two hours and make him the lead anchor for all Washington events. The move is part of a broader shakeup of the cable-news outlet’s Washington coverage, which has taken over more of its schedule in the last few months of the Trump administration.

As part of the changes, Abby Phillip will take over as anchor of the weekend broadcast of “Inside Politics,” while Dana Bash will co-anchor the Sunday talk program “State of the Union” with Tapper. Tapper and Bash will each anchor two Sundays a month, beginning January 24th.

CNN placed other prominent Washington operatives in new slots. Jim Acosta, whose profile has grown as CNN’s chief White House correspondent, will take on weekend anchoring duties of a program that will be detailed in days to come. Pamela Brown, a senior White House correspondent, will take over as anchor of the evening weekend broadcasts of “CNN Newsroom.”

CNN said John King would continue to host the weekday edition of “Inside Politics” and remain as the network’s chief national correspondent.

As the Biden administration prepares to take over, CNN also reworked its cadre of White House reporters.  Kaitlan Collins has been named chief White House correspondent, with Phil Mattingly named senior White House correspondent. The new assignments become effective January 20.

Meanwhile, Jeff Zeleny was named chief national affairs correspondent and will also cover the first year of the Biden White House. Manu Rajuwas named CNN’s chief Congressional correspondent. He will be joined on Capitol Hill by correspondents Jessica Dean, Lauren Fox and Ryan Nobles. Daniella Diaz was named a Capitol Hill reporter.

Arlette Saenz, Jeremy Diamond, John Harwood, MJ Lee and Kate Bennett will all be correspondents covering the White House. Kevin Liptak and Jasmine Wright will join them at the White House as reporters.

Joe Johns will remain senior Washington correspondent and will shift his focus from the White House to a variety of Washington-related stories. Sunlen Serfaty will become Washington correspondent covering Washington at large. Suzanne Malveaux will continue in her role as national correspondent.