All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has signed long-time WWE superstar Paul Wight to a long-term deal, the promotion announced Wednesday.

Wight is best known to wrestling fans as “The Big Show” and has been part of WWE for over 20 years. Under the deal, Wight will not only wrestle but will also serve as commentator on AEW’s newest show, “AEW Dark: Elevation.” The show will air Mondays at 7 p.m. ET on the AEW YouTube channel.

“It’s been amazing to watch what AEW has built in just a couple of years,” Wight said. “’AEW Dark’ is an incredible platform to hone the skills of up-and-coming wrestlers, but I also love that established AEW talent can build out their personalities and showcase themselves in new ways on ‘Dark’. It’s no exaggeration when they say that AEW is boundless.”

Further announcements around Wight’s signing, including the identity of his commentary partner, will be announced on “AEW: Dynamite” tonight on TNT.

Wight is one of the most successful giants in professional wrestling history, billed at a height of seven feet tall and a weight of 500 pounds at one point in his career. He made his professional debut with WCW in 1995, quickly winning the world championship from Hulk Hogan. He joined WWE (then WWF) in 1999 and has been one of the company’s most well-known stars ever since. He is a two time WWE Champion, a five time World Tag Team Champion with various partners, and a one time Intercontinental Champion among several other title wins.

“Paul Wight is one of the most recognizable and impressive professional athletes in the world,” said Tony Khan, CEO, GM and head of creative of AEW. “He wanted to come to AEW because he believes that we’re the best promotion in wrestling, and we believe that he has a lot to offer us, both in the ring as a wrestler, and also outside the ring as a commentator, host and ambassador for AEW. Paul is one of the most experienced stars in all of wrestling, and he’s eager to work with our diverse roster,” added Khan. “He can benefit and guide our young talent with his mentorship, and his expert commentary on AEW Dark: Elevation will educate and entertain our fans, and also educate the younger wrestlers on the roster. Furthermore, Paul enters AEW as a licensed wrestler, and he’s very much looking forward to studying our talent firsthand from the commentary desk in preparation for his return to the ring!”