ZDF Enterprises has boarded the second season of the coming-of-age, pandemic thriller “Sløborn” as co-producer and global distributor.

Season 1 of the ZDFneo original series dealt with the spread of a deadly virus across the world that ravaged the island of Sløborn, and the inhabitants’ fight to survive the catastrophe. In Season 2, audiences will experience the world after its collapse.

Shooting for the new season will take place in the spring of this year. Wotan Wilke Möhring, Emily Kusche, Alexander Scheer, Aaron Hilmer, Adrian Grünewald and Lea van Acken will once again star. Christian Alvart and Adolfo J. Kolmerer direct from a screenplay by Arend Remmers and Alvart.

In Season 2, the island has been evacuated after many residents died of the fatal pigeon flu. But a small group of people refused to be evacuated and hid on the island, for fear of being exposed to an even greater risk of infection on the mainland. The volatile mix of characters threatens to explode as they become more and more deprived of the comforts and conveniences of civilization. The battle for food, protection and information gets harder and harder, and it soon becomes clear just how thin the veneer of morality, education and humanity really is.

The second season of “Sløborn” is produced by Sigi Kamml, Alvart and Timm Oberwelland for Syrreal Entertainment; the co-producers are ZDFneo, Tobis (Peter Eiff, Theo Gringel and Tobias Seiffert), Nordisk Film, Denmark, and ZDF Enterprises (Robert Franke). Doris Schrenner is on the ZDF editing team.

Since it was launched online on July 23, 2020, ZDF’s entire online offering of “Sløborn” has generated a total of 6.36 million views. Of this, the streaming videos from the whole series have achieved 5.75 million views (719,000 views on average/0.44 million viewers on average per episode). This corresponds to 90% of the total usage, making “Sløborn” the most successful ZDFneo series in the ZDFmediathek.

Cinedigm Corp. recently acquired all North American rights to Season 1 of “Sløborn” from ZDF Enterprises. The series is slated to premiere on Cinedigm’s latest digital network acquisition, Screambox. The subscription-based video-on-demand service is one of the U.S’s leading streaming destinations for horror movies and TV series.