ZDF Enterprises Boards ‘Ku’damm 63,’ the Latest Instalment from the Hit Miniseries Franchise (EXCLUSIVE)

Ku’damm 63
Courtesy of ZDF/Michael Schreitel

Germany’s ZDF Enterprises has acquired global distribution rights to three-part period drama “Ku’damm 63,” the third instalment in one of ZDFE’s best-selling franchises, which has been licensed to more than 30 broadcasters around the globe.

Produced by UFA Fiction for German public broadcaster ZDF and made up of three 90-minute episodes, the miniseries will be presented shortly to select buyers.

Set to premiere on ZDF on March 21, 22 and 24, airing at a peak primetime time of 8.15 p.m., “Ku’damm 63” marks a followup to “Ku’damm 56,” which premiered on ZDF in 2016, reaching up to 6.35 million viewers and a 19.6% market share, and “Ku’damm 59,” which bowed in March 2018.

The series’ premise remains the same: the story of Germany’s halting evolution toward larger justice and liberty told through the loves, hard-won freedoms and suffering of three sisters, Monika, Helga and Eva, daughters of a conservative matriarch.

Time has moved on, creating a contrast. Berlin’s Ku’damm by 1963 is a less somber place when compared with the ‘50s. U.S. President John F. Kennedy visits Berlin and famously proclaims “I am a Berliner.” The city begins to swing in fashion and music.

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“Ku’damm 63” Courtesy of ZDF/Boris Laewen

But the sisters are now grown women. The very larger freedoms of the early ‘60s make the sisters more determined and energetic in their confrontation of roiling frustrations and disappointments in their marriages and relationships as a new mindset sets in.

With German society not as free as it claims to be and their mother a bastion of rigid mores, the sisters’ desire for larger liberty and equality boils toward open rebellion.

”This engaging family saga delivers on so many levels,” said Robert Franke, vice president of ZDFE.drama, ZDF Enterprises. He added: “The combination of warmth, humor, nostalgia, generational dynamics and emotional conflict draws viewers in, offering them hours of great entertainment.”

Billed as a “poignant snapshot of West Germany in the ‘60s,” “Ku’damm 63” was again created by Annette Hess. It is produced by Benjamin Benedict and Nico Hofmann, with Marc Lepetit as executive producer.

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“Ku’damm 63” Courtesy of ZDF/Boris Laewen