Spain’s Atresplayer Premium unveiled a slate of new and returning programs on Monday evening in a live presentation streamed from Madrid’s famed Gran Via, hosted by the streamer and featuring some of the most recognizable faces behind its impressive lineup of original local programming.

2021 was a banner year for Atresplayer, which closed agreements with major broadcasting and streaming partners including Movistar, Vodafone, Google and Apple. Due to its global reach, the service has also become a lifeline to Spaniards living abroad, with hundreds of thousands of subscribers worldwide who tune in to keep up on Spanish news and culture.

Below, highlights from the first Atresplayer Premium Day:

Vestidas de azul” A continuation of the service’s award-winning global hit series “Veneno,” picked as one of Variety’s best international series in 2020 which sold to HBO Max in the U.S. Series creators Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi are back to produce, through their label Suma Content, and direct.

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Atresmedia/HBO Max

Cardo” One of 2021’s hottest indie series of the year which has shown up on several early best-of-2021 lists in Spain will be back for a second season as confirmed on Monday evening, again from creators and writers Claudia Costafreda and Ana Rujas, who also stars. Suma Content produces this series as well, with Buendía Estudios.

La Ruta,” announced by Variety in October 2020, and produced by Atresmedia Televisión and Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s Caballo Films. The streamer announced that development has finished, and the series will go into production early next year. “La Ruta” tracks the personal journeys of a group of young Spaniards attempting to find their place in the world. One of them, after an experience pushes him towards the club scene, discovers his gift as a D.J., seen as a linchpin of the nightlife scene.

The Gypsy Bride” ViacomCBS International Studios, Banijay’s Diagonal TV and “Penny Dreadful” director Paco Cabezas back this crime thriller which adapts Carmen Mola’s “La Novia Gitana,” a global bestseller set in the heart of Spain’s Romani community.

Las noches de Tefía” A period series created by Miguel del Arco (“Las Furias”) which mixes music and comedy unspooling inside a Francoist labor camp known by the euphemistic name of Colonia Agrícola Penitenciaria de Tefía. At night, prisoners whose daytime lives are a living hell escape into stories shared by a bunkmate of El Tindaya, an imagined cabaret where each one of the prisoners has an alter ego. Atresmedia Televisión produces with Buendía Estudios.

Zorras” Adapted from the first book in Noemí Casquet’s popular trilogy “Zorras, Balas y Libres,” “Zorras” is produced by Atresmedia Televisión with Morena Films (“Campeones,” “Everybody Knows”). The series turns on three twenty-something women who create a secret group to fulfill their sexual fantasies, unintentionally launching a feminine revolution.

UPA Next,” a revival of the legendary Spanish series “Un paso adelante,” a musical drama similar to the ‘80s series “Fame.” Atresmedia Televisión partners with Spanish giants The Mediapro Studio on this ambitious reboot.

Los Protegidos: El regreso” A decade-later continuation of Antena 3’s original 2012 series “Los Protegidos,” about a group of superpower wielding kids who pretend to be a family to cover up their secret, will get a second season, as announced during the event.

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Los Protegidos: El regreso Credit: Atresplayer

La edad de la ira” Shooting has wrapped on this adaptation of the eponymous novel by Nando López. Atresmedia Televisión produces with The Mediapro Studio’s Big Bang Media and Masficción. A YA thriller, the series boasts an impressive ensemble cast including Manu Ríos (“Elite”), Amaia Aberasturi (“Akelarre”), Daniel Ibáñez (“Caminantes”), Carlos Alcaide (“El internado Las Cumbres”) and Eloy Azorín (“Gran Hotel”).

Una Navidad con Samantha Hudson” An upcoming Christmas special which will stream on Dec. 19, produced by Atresmedia Televisión and “Veneno” and “Paquita Salas” producers Suma Content. LGBTI icon Samantha Hudson leads the holiday musical extravaganza which Atresplayer promises will break down barriers.

Pajares & CIA” Atresplayer is preparing to launch a new docuseries which revisits the media phenomenon that followed one of Spain’s most popular actors of the ‘80s, Andrés Pajares, and his partner Fernando Esteso. With fresh eyes and the benefit of hindsight, Pajares is joined by more than 30 individuals close to him who reflect on the decade. The series is directed by Carlos Torres and produced by Atresmedia Televisión and Producciones del Barrio.

Gran Hotel de las Reinas” is an over-the-top drag show that has been touring Spain in the months since “Drag Race España” ended, which stars members of the Season 1 cast. A recorded version of the show will be available to stream on the platform starting Dec. 26. The streamer also confirmed that host Supremme De Luxe will be back to host a second season of “Drag Race España.”

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Drag Race Spain Credit: World of Wonder