Swedish broadcaster TV4 and its pan-Nordic streaming service C More are joining forces with Åsa Lantz, the author of “Selma,” to develop an untitled “Crown”-style drama series about the Swedish royal family and current monarch King Carl XVI Gustaf.

The series is being developed by Banijay-owned production banner Filmlance, producer of the original Nordic Noir milestone “Bron”/”Broen” (“The Bridge”), along with TV4 and C More. It will shed light on Carl XVI Gustaf, charting his journey from heir to the throne to his life as Sweden’s current monarch.

Lantz is co-writing the series, drawing inspiration from exclusive material documenting the childhood of Carl XVI Gustaf. The series is a passion project for Lantz who has been researching the material for several years.

“Other kings and queens are said to have had an impact on world events. The history of our King is something different. Not as highlighted internationally but at least as dramatic and fascinating. And for many of us, completely unknown,” Lantz said.

The series is conceived as a six-episode drama which will run for several seasons. It underscores C More and TV4’s growing ambition to become a top purveyor of premium content and a leading Nordic platform for entertainment.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of a project focused on our king, monarchy and Sweden as a whole. It’s our goal to create an engaging and modern drama of the highest quality for the broader audience,” said Hanne Palmquist, CEO, Filmlance.

Josefine Tengblad, head of drama at TV4 and C More, said that “Everyone in Sweden has a relationship to the monarchy and its history regardless of your opinion on it. The opportunity to add new experiences and dimensions to the tale of our king is a prestigious project to us.”

“I’ve personally never been a fan of monarchy but I remember reading the treatment of six or seven pages while I was on a flight. As I was reading those pages, I started crying, because it was so strong,” said Tengblad.

“It’s a little bit like ‘The King’s Speech’ in the way that it portrays someone who is being groomed to become someone he’s not, and is having people trying to change him, she said.

Tengblad added that the core of the series is about “human beings who have flaws that everyone can relate to and the challenges we all face to stay true to ourselves.”