SMF Studio, the venerable Russian animation house, and leading publisher Bubble Comics are partnering on a new series based on the comic book “Coolics” which they’ve premiered at Mipcom this week.

Created by creative producer and series director Alexandra Bizyaeva, Bubble’s editor-in-chief Roman Kotkov, and creative producer Evgeniy Eronin – a scriptwriter on the animated feature film “Major Grom: The Plague Doctor,” which was released by Disney in Russia earlier this year – “Coolics” is a 2D adventure-comedy series about a team of young space cadets whose mission is to search the solar system for superpowered creatures to help protect the universe from the forces of Evil.

SMF Studio has produced seven 11-minute episodes so far with another 45 episodes in the works.

The show marks the first time that a Russian animation studio is creating an animated series based on a comic book. “‘Coolics’ is a truly innovative project not only for the SMF Studio, but for the entire Russian animation industry,” said Yuliana Slashcheva, SMF Studio’s chairman of the board.

“Together with Bubble we were trying to deliver a simple truth – being a superhero does not mean having superpowers at all. It is enough to be able to show kindness, courage and responsiveness, to take care of friends and the world around us. These are the core values​​ of our classic animation films,” she continued. “The continuity of generations is especially symbolic for us in the year of the 85th anniversary of the legendary film studio.”

Bubble Comics’ editor-in-chief Kotkov said that the animated series will interest both comic book fans and modern animation fans. “It’s probably the biggest superhero project that we have ever done. It has vivid images, superpowers and memorable heroes – in general, everything you need to love this story,” he said.

Kotkov added that the creative team behind the series have all worked on the comic book franchise, making the partnership between Bubble and SMF Studio “an ideal collaboration.” “And it’s just the beginning of our cooperation,” he said. “We have a lot of surprises ahead.”

Founded in 1936, SMF Studio is one of Russia’s oldest and largest animation houses. The studio delivers projects in a variety of genres, using stop-motion, clay and hand-drawn techniques, along with 2D and 3D animation.

The company’s animated comedy series “Loodleville” was selected as one of five finalists for the MIPJunior Project Pitch at Mipcom this week. It also announced a raft of sales on other animated properties.

The company reached an agreement with long-term Chinese partner Joy Media to distribute a new 2D series “Meowgic” in China. The comedy series for 3- to 5-year-olds follows a girl and her pet cat who can grant her two wishes a day.

International kids and family distributor Jetpack, which previously acquired the rights from SMF Studio for the animated series “Claymotions,” has signed an agreement with HOP! TV to broadcast the series in Israel. Finnish broadcaster Yle has also acquired distribution rights to the show, an educational mini-series aimed at pre-school audiences.

“The Secrets of Honey Hills,” an animated series for children 4-6 years old, will also be traveling to Israel courtesy of HOP! TV, as well as to Czech Republic via national broadcaster Czech TV. The show features intriguing crime stories to challenge kids’ curiosity and logical thinking while underlining the importance of tolerance and patience. The deals were closed through an agreement with Sola Media, which represents SMF Studio’s title globally.

Latvian telecom Tet also acquired the rights to 300 cartoons from the studio’s “Golden Collection,” and will be taking the shows to the Baltics.