Bringing the television industry one step closer to its global business partners, RX France and Mip Markets, the entertainment content market giant, are launching the multifaceted, online TV-business platform OneMip, it was announced at Mipcom in Cannes.

Building on the momentum created for online markets during the pandemic, the new destination will provide a year-round home for the global TV community. The platform will offer a global directory, business networking opportunities and a new content showcase, as well as a bouquet of other services and opportunities.

“The launch of OneMip comes in response to the industry’s appetite for year-round business networking, content showcases and insights, driven by new ways of working. The new platform harnesses the digital innovations that have successfully reinforced Mip Markets physical events and expanded global audiences in 2021,” the organizers stated in a press release.

The new initiative is offering “unique access to the largest global showcase of fresh TV programs as they are released, high value industry data and analytics and an unrivalled database of relevant business contacts that will allow the OneMip community to generate powerful business opportunities throughout the year,” according to the release.

Market heads are realizing that physical events are in need of an update.

Stéphane Gambetta, strategy and business development director – Entertainment Division, RX France, said: “The future for Mip markets lies in offering our clients the best of both worlds: the all-important physical markets to bring the industry together, complemented by a year-round digital platform to keep them connected to the widest possible network. Nothing beats meeting in person to build relationships, seal business deals, share collective moments and build ‘buzz.’ But this year has highlighted the power of additional online channels for extending the reach of the markets, finding new contacts, and generating business opportunities.”

OneMip, it is hoped, will help with support in more efficiently organizing and following up on market and in-person meetings.

Additionally, OneMip will enable new content discoveries, global networking, and a “single access point to all Mip events, and the huge community of buyers, distributors and producers from all corners of the world gathering around Mip events,” according to the release.

Mip’s growing family of physical markets, MipCom, MipTV, Mip China, Mip Cancun and Mip Africa, will be a part of the deal.

Added benefits to OneMip include content spotlights, online catalogs, a section highlighting newly greenlit productions, and the facilitation of better connections between buyers and sellers from around the world.

“The return to physical markets, complemented by the launch of OneMip, will open more doors for our customers in more places, than ever before,” said Gambetta.

“In 2022, our unrivalled flagship events will offer the human connections, relationships and serendipity that are so important to our industry, with OneMip’s year-round access to highly valuable data, information and contacts extending reach, improving efficiency and supporting business growth,” she added.