Toronto-based Mogul Productions, a new decentralized film financing platform, has partnered with blockchain-based content delivery network AIOZ Network to provide content distribution and streaming via the blockchain.

The deal allows Mogul to ensure a blockchain-based distribution partner for its financing deals with filmmakers and producers. The argument for AIOZ, according to Mogul, is that its distribution method is faster, cheaper and is as robust as more traditional content streaming services, all while offering participants and stakeholders a share of the profits. The partnership also provides additional utility to both the $AIOZ and $STARS token ecosystems through content distribution.

Mogul Productions launched their platform earlier this year and has so far garnered 50,000 users.

“A goal of Mogul has always been to disrupt traditional movie distribution and to bring more power to creators,” said Lisa Sun, founder and president at Mogul Productions. “Adding a decentralized streaming environment, as an extra sector of monetization, to Mogul-produced content [beyond current Internet streamers such as Netflix et al] is an exciting step toward our mission of transparency and disruption.”

“Working with Mogul is a natural fit,” added Erman Tjiputra, founder and CEO at AIOZ Network. “Hollywood-driven movies are necessary to bring a mass user base to decentralized video streaming.”

AIOZ Network uses emerging blockchain technology to make video streaming data usage and costs more efficient. Most major streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix or others typically supply their video content through a single, central Content Delivery Network (CDN). AIOZ Network, however, uses a Decentralized Content Delivery Network (dCDN), which enables peer-to-peer streaming video content as all information storage and processing is handled by individuals on the platform. This process is believed to make the network more reliable, bypassing slow servers and also cutting overhead costs.

AIOZ Network consists of a video sharing platform that connects creators directly with viewers (AIOZ Tube); a subscription service that allows users to steam movies and shows using cryptocurrency (AIOZ OTT); and a livestreaming product (AIOZ TV).