‘GhostBros,’ Pitching at Annecy’s MIFA Market, Finds Co-Producer in Canary Islands’ Studio Koyi Talent (EXCLUSIVE)

Credit: Yellow Kingdom, WeDoo Studio

Canary Island studio Koyi Talent has boarded Argentine-Spanish animated series project “GhostBros,” winner of both the Premio Pixelatl and MIFA/Annecy awards at last year’s Ventana Sur. Thanks to the latter, the project is currently pitching virtually at the Annecy Animation Festival’s MIFA marketplace .

In recent years Koyi has been part of a vanguard of production companies which, thanks to industry-leading tax incentives and a disproportionately large local population of creative talent, is enjoying an unprecedented boom in animation production.

Koyi joins series co-developers Yellow Kingdom in Argentina and WeDoo Studio in Spain and will lead animation production for the 52-part series, with WeDoo handling creation and development of the series’ paranormal universe.

Heading Koyi’s work will be Luis Armengol, a 20-year industry veteran and co-producer of the popular Spanish pre-school series “Pocoyó,” available on more than 150 networks worldwide. His first responsibility on “GhostBros” will be to put together a teaser for the series.

Armengol joins Yellow Kingdom’s Jorge Edelstein and Martín Blasi and WeDoo founder and series creator Emi Ordás as lead producers on the series. Edelstein and Blasi cut their teeth as executives and creatives at the Walt Disney Company Latin America before branching out on their own. From his office in Madrid, Ordás founded WeDoo Studio, where he has developed, designed, animated and managed several key projects.

“GhostBros” will be the first time that Koyi and Yellow Kingdom join forces, but Koyi and fellow Spaniards WeDoo have previously collaborated on the preschool series “Bumpy the Bear,” adapted from a popular series of children’s picture books.

“We’re delighted to participate and work with a colossal talent like Jorge Edlestein,” said Israel Tamayo, business development manager at Koyi Talent. “’GhostBros’ also fills a gap in our portfolio as the company’s first 2D animated production for this audience.”

“GhostBros” will follow young orphan siblings Sigmund and Gretchel, who do everything they can to get adopted but tragically don’t manage to do so before their premature deaths. On their way to the afterlife, they discover and invoke afterlife clause 665, which states that orphans who die before being adopted will be granted a second chance at life with an assigned family.

Unfortunately for them, the one doing the assigning is the sinister Warden of the Afterlife Firehead, who, angered by the bureaucratic loophole, attempts to put them with the most mismatched parents she can find so as to create circumstances for afterlife clause 666: “If, at the end of each day, the family has failed to achieve full happiness, the children will return to the Underworld for all eternity.”

Aimed primarily at kids 7-11, the series is told from the point of view of Sigmund and Gretchel and will explore what the concepts of family and happiness are for kids their own age. The series’ absurd humor and wacky situations will appeal to parents as well, as the main characters learn how to value what’s most important in life, a happy family one can always trust and feel a part of.

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GhostBros Credit: Yellow Kingdom, WeDoo Studio