With HBO Max yet to roll out in much of the world, there has been some confusion as to where and how fans of “Friends” will be able to access the highly anticipated reunion special set to premiere on May 27. Variety has looked around the world for details of the special’s release, and here is what we know so far.

Everyone has their own favorite Friend, but in Canada, native son Mathew Perry’s Chandler is the most popular of the group, at least according to a 2019 study by SEMrush which concluded that the most searched “Friends” character was Mr. Bing. Or maybe fans were just trying to navigate to the search engine? In any case, Canadians will need access to the Crave streaming platform to see Perry and his colleagues reunited.

Variety has confirmed that Ross’ ex-fiancé Emily can catch up on her old fling in “Friends: The Reunion” exclusively on Sky and streaming service Now in the UK and Ireland. The TV special will air on demand from 8 a.m. and on Sky One at 8 p.m. on Thursday, May 27.

Meanwhile, in Europe, HBO has confirmed that the special will broadcast on its native platforms across the continent, including HBO Nordic in Sweden, Denmark, Finland; HBO España in Spain; HBO Portugal and HBO Go in Central Europe.

HBO Go will also host the program in South East Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, while Australian streaming platform Binge will be the exclusive home to the special for fans in the Outback.

While Latin America will be one of the earlier territories to receive an HBO Max rollout at the end of June, amigos in Central and South America will unfortunately have to wait until then to catch “The Reunion.”