“Agus and Monsters,” “Mironins” and  “The Triplets” feature among five projects to be highlighted by promotion board Catalan Films at a Partner Content Showcase on April 12 focusing on animation, a burgeoning TV asset in Catalonia. More details:

“Mironins” (Cornelius Films, Walking the Dog BVBA, Wuji House, Peekaboo Animation)

A transmedia project made up of seven-minute episodes aimed at children immersing themselves in the artistic universe of Catalan surrealist master Joan Miró. The show is co-directed by Mikel Mas (“The Fig Tree”) and Celia Rico, a live-action director (“Journey Around a Mother’s Room”) selected by Variety as a talent to track.

“Agus and Monsters” (Motion Pictures)

Produced and sold by Motion Pictures (“Pumpking Reports” ), “Agus” is a fantasy-adventure comedy series focusing on a kid whose bedroom is full of monsters, although the kid makes his parents believe they are just cuddly toys.

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Agus and monsters Credit: Catalan Films

“The Triplets” (Brutal Media)

A reboot of a Catalan global hit whose prior seasons have been sold to 160 territories. Triplets Anna, Teresa and Helena present renowned tales and introduce the audience to and to meet historical celebrities. The  new 52 part show is written by Jordi Gasull, one of the producers behind Enrique Gato’s “Tad Jones” saga. Art direction will be overseen by Roser Capdevila, who created the series alongside Marta Capdevila and Helena Batet.

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The Triplets Credit: Catalan Films

“Els meus petits herois” (Peekaboo Animation)

Produced by Iván Agenjo and Javier Galán (“I Elvis Riboldi”), the show unveils less known and personal chapters in the childhood of historical figures such as Michelangelo, Mozart and Coco Chanel. “Not all heroes wear capes” could be the inspirational motto of this series ,based on a popular book series.

“Croco Doc” (Nuts Ideas, RTVE, Buenpaso Films)

A Catalonia-Valencia co-production directed by Paola Tejera, the pre-school edutainment project, now in development, focuses on teaching children about diseases with the aim of reducing their fear of medical issues. The story is set in a small village inhabited by animals whose doctor is a friendly crocodile.

Completing the showcase, Teidees Audiovisuals will present the first episode of preschool-targeted “Jasmine & Jambo,” 26 episode show on two music-loving friends who go on adventures together in Soundland. Frances Dandeloo handles international distribution

Catalonia’s animation production companies saw total annual revenues of yearly turnover of €25.3 million ($30.1 million) in 2019. Recent successes take in “Pumpking Reports,” lead produced by Motion Pictures in co-production with Italy’s Sample and Malaysia’s Young Jump Animation, “The Stinky Dog,” (France’s Dandeloo, Folivari, Belgique’s Panique!, and Catalan Pikkukala), and “I, Elvis Riboldi,” sold to 130 countries.

Iván Agenjo, president of Catalan animation lobby Proanimats , told Variety that the organization now boasts 20 production companies in its rank and file, the highest number to date. “

“And it’s growing,” he enthused, adding: “Although we don’t have companies as big as other services studios in Madrid  and the Canary islands, we do have small to medium-sized ones that are more focused on developing their own IP’s.”

Kicking off on Friday with a packed day of activities and MipDrama, the 2021 MipTV officially runs April 12-16.