BTF Media announced Friday that it is launching BTF Megaseries, a new production unit dedicated to long-form series which will bring to the international marketplaces several new fiction format proposals.

According to BTF, a megaseries is any fiction drama series of more than 26 episodes. The new unit was developed and established by BTF Media founders Ricardo Coeto and Francisco Cordero.

As broadcasters and streaming platforms continue to migrate towards high-end, short form drama series, a significant base of potential subscribers is being neglected, particularly fans of more traditional, long-form TV series which are still among the most-watched programming in Latin America, Turkey, South Korea and other territories.

“At BTF Media we firmly believe that the world of content is cyclical. That is why we have decided to create production units dedicated to the development and production of fiction formats of between 26 and 60 hours of content,” explained Coeto. “In addition, we have been very careful to update the proposal, enriching and modernizing the stories to connect with all audiences. We are sure that these long-range products today cover a much broader and diverse audience.”

“We want to maintain the essence of our Megaseries with respect to the structures and their melodramatic function but take advantage of and enhancing the universe of the characters and the action, to create irreverent products that better connect with the audience,” added Cordero.

There is also still a significant part of the production sector that enjoys writing for, producing, shooting and acting in these types of series. Long-form series also offer staff on both sides of the line more job security than individual, months-long shoots on a limited series, which are regularly broken up by periods of unemployment.

“Our creators, writers and filmmakers are working in this new production unit dedicated to generate culturally relevant projects for the region, strengthened with modern plots that covers all genres, but always respecting their local value and promoting the involvement of top-of-the-line talent,” said Coeto.

No specific programming details are being made available just yet, but BTF Megaseries is currently pre-producing its first batch of formats, planned for 2022.