Rolling off the success of “Family Feud,” Fremantle Latin America is targeting more format adaptations in Argentina with Boxfish, headed by famed former Cuatro Cabezas’ founder Diego Guebel, producer of the multi-formated “CQC.”

The conversations to develop more light entertainment formats are part of a growing alliance between Fremantle and Boxfish, who struck a format adaptation deal in April 2020 that sees Boxfish co-produce with Fremantle the Argentine makeovers of a select number of Fremantle formats.

Talks focus on a “handful” of gameshows which have had a successful run in the past and also new gameshows that are currently trending which have comedic elements and a slight nostalgic feel, said Coty Cagliolo, Fremantle head of production, Latin America.

Conversations to build the Fremantle-Boxfish alliance come after Fremantle family quiz format “Family Feud” was sold by Boxfish to Artear’s El Trece in Argentina, and bowed on the channel on Aug. 24 as “100 Argentinos Dicen,” going on to win the timeslot — despite the format having run on El Trece over 2004-05.

“Nostalgia, retro was a trend last year and given the sales we’re contemplating in Latin America, not only Argentina, it looks like they’re going to continue in 2021. A lot of comedy too,” Cagliolo said.

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Coty Cagliolo Cedit: Fremantle

“Diego’s company is the perfect partner. He develops and produces his own formats to a high quality, works with different networks in Argentina and has shown, because of his background, that he knows how to manage an international format.”

Also produced by Boxfish, a first season of “MasterChef Celebrity,” a Banijay format screening on the Viacom-owned Telefe, has taken Argentine primetime and social media by storm from an October bow.

Cagliolo also sees an opportunity for the production of retro feel-good scripted series offering audiences relief in COVID-19 times.

Fremantle Latin America is working on a couple of shows in this line.

“I do see a trend towards making retro shows which talk about a happier past or that tackle current times with a lot of humor,” Cagliolo said.