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UPDATED: Feb. 24, 2021

Jason Bateman truly does it all. He’s a two-time Globes nominee this year for “Ozark,” in which he stars and also produces. (Plus he directs — but that’s not a TV category at the Globes.) He won, of course, in comedy in 2005 for “Arrested Development,” but his work in drama and other forms (he was nominated as a producer in 2019 for the Jim Carrey series “Kidding”) has proven his success at being so versatile. He’s got competition with another critical favorite in Matthew Rhys, although “Perry Mason” hasn’t made the same kind of impact that “Ozark” has just yet. Also in the mix, Bob Odenkirk is overdue attention for killing it in every episode of “Better Call Saul,” but Globes voters have been content with leaving that recognition with nominations for now. The iconic Al Pacino could always steal the show, while “The Crown” is on such a high that Josh O’Connor could steal it away (although unlikely, this season was about the women — Elizabeth, of course, but also Diana and Thatcher). Give it to Bateman.

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Jason Bateman, “Ozark” Jackson Davis/Netflix


  1. Jason Bateman
    "Ozark" (Netflix)
    GLOBES HISTORY: 6 nominations, 1 win (2005's "Arrested Development")
    ROLE: Marty Byrde


  • Matthew Rhys
    "Perry Mason" (HBO)
    : 3 nominations
    ROLE: Perry Mason

  • Josh O'Connor
    "The Crown" (Netflix)
    GLOBES HISTORY: 1 nomination
    ROLE: Charles, Prince of Wales

  • Al Pacino
    "Hunters" (Amazon Prime Video)
    GLOBES HISTORY: 19 nominations, 4 wins (1974's "Serpico," 1993's "Scent of a Woman," 2004's "Angels in America," 2011's "You Don't Know Jack"), Cecil B. DeMille Award recipient (2001)
    ROLE: Meyer Offerman

  • Bob Odenkirk
    "Better Call Saul" (AMC)
    GLOBES HISTORY: 4 nominations 
    ROLE: Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman

2021 Golden Globes Final Predictions (TV)

2020-2021 Golden Globes Awards Timeline

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