WarnerMedia has set up two Chinese-language series that will debut later this year. Period drama series “Legacy” hails from mainland China, while crime drama “Trinity of Shadows” is a three-way venture involving partners from Taiwan and Hong Kong.

“Legacy” is a 1920s-set drama that chronicles the lives of the wealthy Yi family and three sisters who vie to inherit their father’s shopping mall business. In a time of upheaval and uncertainty, the three sisters set aside their differences to keep the business afloat and save their family.

Zheng Yu, director of the smash hit series “Yanxi Place,” is credited as creator of the show which is produced by Huan Yu Entertainment.

Together, they have re-assembled several key cast from “Yanxi Palace” including Qin Lan, Wu Jinyan and Yuan Nie. The series also stars Han Geng (“Ex-Files”), Liu Jun (“All is Well”), Miao Pu (“The Rise of the Tang Empire”) and Zhang Nan (“The Legend of Haolan”).

Legacy will premiere exclusively on WarnerMedia’s regional streaming service HBO Go at an unspecified date later in 2021.

“We’ve been ramping up our Mandarin series recently and ‘Legacy’ promises to be a binge-worthy addition to our growing originals slate,” said Magdalene Ew, WarnerMedia’s head of content – entertainment, southeast Asia, in a prepared statement. “It’s one of those shows that has truly something for everyone. It promises intrigue, suspense and romance, all with the backdrop of a fascinating time in China’s history.”

“Trinity of Shadows” comprises 15 one-hour episodes. The first two will launch on June 13, 2021, and be followed every subsequent Sunday with further instalments. The series will play on HBO Go and HBO in Asia. In Taiwan, the series will also simulcast on the Catchplay Plus streaming service.

The show is presented by WarnerMedia, Catchplay and HKTVE, the PCCW-owned company that operates free-to-air TV channels ViuTV and English-language ViuTVsix in Hong Kong.

The series is about a murder investigation which has similarities to a cold case from three years ago. During the investigation, the lead detective (played by Sandrine Pinna), an up-and-coming public official (Kaiser Chuang) and rookie policeman (Liu Kuan-ting) are drawn together into a dark labyrinth of power play.

‘Trinity’ was produced by David Tang (“The Long Goodbye,” “Who Killed Cock Robin?”) and directed by Hong Bo-Hao (“Dad’s Suit,” “Wake Up” S2). The screenwriter is Huang Chien-Ming (“Scoundrels,” “Wake Up”). The series also introduces Stanley Yau, a member of Hong Kong pop sensation Mirror.

Other HBO Asia Originals in production this year include: the mystery series “Forbidden,” currently in production in Thailand; action-fantasy series “Halfworlds” season 3 produced in the Philippines; and horror anthology “Folklore” season 2, which is filmed across seven different Asian countries and territories, including Taiwan.