Nederlander National Markets, an operator of theater and music venues throughout the U.S., has made arrangements with Wellstand Health for the organization to provide COVID-19 safety precautions to crew and staff in many of their theaters.

Among the theaters included in the arrangement with Wellstand are those in Richmond, Va., Norfolk, Va., and Reno, Nev., which represent three of Nederlander’s largest markets. As one of the largest presenters of Broadway series and engagements in North America, Nederlander oversees subscription seasons in more than 20 cities.

Wellstand was founded by Josh Brammer and Dr. Meghan Lockard to analyze medical innovations related to the COVID-19 pandemic and help different organizations develop safety plans to carry out their operations. The support they offer clients largely surrounds the issue of COVID-19 testing: they provide concierge testing for organizations with time-constrained testing requirements, connect with labs offering more cost-effective tests and use next generation sequencing to determine what strains or mutations are present as well as rapid point of care tests that prevent against false positives.

The company has worked with organizations that operate sporting events, cruise ships, banks and corporate institutions, as well as on multiple film productions.

“The tech is improving, prices are dropping, and capabilities are expanding at warp speed. This causes massive, massive confusion,” Brammer said earlier this year. “There is so much coming so quickly it’s hard to imagine unless you’re in this field, keeping current with updates each day. Productions were taken advantage of by exploitive pricing by some labs. We hope to change all of that.”