UPDATED: Netflix U.K. has removed “After Life” producer Charlie Hanson following the receipt of an anonymous email containing allegations of sexual harassment.

The streaming giant has confirmed that Hanson was removed from production on the third season of “After Life.”

“On Monday, we received an anonymous email containing historical allegations about a producer on one of our titles,” said Netflix in a statement shared with Variety. “Whilst the allegations are unrelated to his time on the show, we immediately removed him from the production and referred the matter to the police.”

According to U.K. newspaper The Times, 11 women have complained about Hanson’s conduct.

“Charlie Hanson is a predator who uses his reputation, connections and standing in order to groom far younger, impressionable and sometimes vulnerable women into trusting him,” the women alleged in an email addressed to Netflix and BAFTA, excerpted in The Times.

“At times he will promise them a starry career under his wing, and then exploits that trust in creepy and illegal ways. He then tries to diminish the seriousness of what he’s done by telling these young women — us — that it wasn’t as bad as it seemed, that it was somehow blameless. He does his best to convince himself — and others — that this method of operating is fine. But we know it is not fine.”

Hanson has denied the allegations. “I have been made aware of allegations made against me concerning improper conduct towards women dating back many years,” Hanson said in a statement provided by his lawyers to Variety. “Based on the summaries that have been provided to me, I understand that many of these accusations are made anonymously and are demonstrably false. I have not had one complaint in decades of work in the media industry. I categorically reject any wrongdoing on my part, and strongly refute the allegations that have been levelled at me. I have worked with and supported hundreds of men and women during my working life and will do what is necessary to protect and/or restore my reputation. I will also cooperate with any formal inquiries. The matter is now in the hands of my solicitors.”

Hanson’s lawyer said in a statement shared with Variety: “Our client is shocked and appalled by these historic and false allegations of improper conduct towards women. He maintains that he has never acted inappropriately on any production, or at all, and has never had any complaints made about his conduct over the course of many decades in the media industry. Our client has worked with and supported hundreds of individuals, including countless women, and has never before heard any such allegations. For the avoidance of doubt, our client denies any wrongdoing and will do whatever is required in order to restore any damage to his hard-earned professional and personal reputation. He is prepared to cooperate fully with any formal investigation.”

Meanwhile, the BAFTA has suspended Hanson’s membership. “We have been presented with a number of very serious detailed allegations about an individual and while we are not their employer we immediately took the decision to suspend their membership. BAFTA is an arts charity and does not have the power to investigate historic claims of abuse therefore we have referred the matter to the police. The behavior that these accounts allege is abhorrent, in complete opposition to BAFTA values and has no place in our industry,” a BAFTA spokesperson said in a statement shared with Variety.

Hanson is a BAFTA winner for “Big Impression” (1999).

The news was first reported by industry publication Broadcast, who said the email contained “very serious” allegations from at least six individuals.

According to The Times, Hanson has been dropped by his agency, United Agents. Variety has reached out to the agency for comment.

The Times report was co-authored by Sophie Wilkinson and Lucy Bannerman. Wilkinson tweeted: “One woman alleges an incident in 2008 where Hanson had sex with her without her consent in a house she did not recognise. Another woman alleges an incident in 2015 where Hanson ‘persisted in sexual contact’ despite her state of semi-consciousness.”

Hanson produced British filmmaker Amma Asante’s BAFTA-winning feature film debut “A Way of Life” (2004) and “Where Hands Touch” (2018). They were previously married.

Charlie Hanson is the latest TV executive to be accused of sexual misconduct. In late April, actor and producer Noel Clarke was named in an extensive investigation by The Guardian, detailing an array of sexual misconduct and harassment allegations. Clarke has denied any wrongdoing.