The Guadalajara Film Festival (FICG) will close this October’s rescheduled in-person festival with the first two episodes of Netflix’s animated event series “Maya and the Three” from daytime Emmy-winning director Jorge Gutierrez (“The Book of Life,” “El Tigre”).

“Having ‘Maya’ premier at my beloved FICG, in the capital of Mexican animation, is a dream come true!” Gutierrez told Variety after the announcement was made.

FICG released details outlining the full program for this year’s 36th edition, which also includes a special screening of Dennis Villeneuve’s “Dune” at the festival’s opening ceremony. Other major takeaways include the awarding of this year’s El Mayahuel de Plata to Mexican Cinema, the highest award given out by the festival, to the illustrious Mexican actor Elsa Aguirre, a figurehead of the country’s golden age of cinema.

Other announced honors include the Golden Mayahuel for contribution Ibero-American cinema to Spanish director Julio Medem (“Sex and Lucia,” “Lovers of the Arctic Circle”), who will also host one of the festival’s masterclasses, the Golden Mayahuel for career achievement to legendary Spanish director Carlos Saura (“Carmen,” “Peppermint Frappé”), the Mayaheul International Guest of Honor recognition to Guatemalan filmmaker Luis Argueta (“Collect Call”) and the Maguey Queer Icon Award to Mexican singer Zemmoa.

This year’s festival will also feature a series of sure-to-be popular masterclasses from producers Nicolás Celis (“Roma,” “Birds of Passage”) and Jim Stark (“Mystery Train,” “Birds of Passage”), novelist Jennifer Clement (“Prayers for the Stolen,” “Widow Basquiat”) and Oscar-winning sound designer Carlos Cortés (“Sound of Metal”).

“The festival is executed by the people who, year after year, attend and give life to its activities. It is for them that we have endeavored to learn and perfect all the necessary tools to carry out a safe festival, in person,” said Raúl Padilla López, president of the festival’s board of trustees.

A new novelty this year, FICG will host its own live talk show, “How Do You Say FICG?” hosted by Chumel Torres and Michelle Rodríguez.

“It will be in the evenings, when great personalities from across the film industry will meet in a fun and relaxed space to talk about films, their path through the artform and events happening at the festival,” explained Estrella Araiza Briseño, general director of the festival.

Guadalajara kicks off, in person, on Oct. 1 with “Dune” and runs through Oct. 9, where “Maya and the Three” will finish the week of festivities.