ZDF Enterprises continues to do strong business at this year’s Mipcom and has launched international distribution for the highly touted upcoming documentary “Going Circular,” produced by ZDFE-owned production company Off the Fence (“The Octopus Teacher”) in association with Arte and ZDFE. The feature-length special was originally commissioned by Curiosity for its Curiosity Stream SVOD platform, where it will premiere on Nov. 4.

“Going Circular” is co-directed by two-time Primetime Emmy nominee (“Moonshot,” “9/11: The Twin Towers”) and Bafta-winning (“The Human Body”) filmmaker Richard Dale and Nigel Walk (“How to Grow a Planet”).

Promising to be educational and hopefully influential, the documentary is the highest profile yet look at the trending concept of circularity, an economic system designed to eliminate waste and make the most of Earth’s limited natural resources. The film’s narrative tracks four of the world’s foremost innovators in 102-year-old inventor Dr. James Lovelock, biomimicry biologist Janine Benyus, designer Arthur Huang, and financier John Fullerton, whose diverse backgrounds and forward thinking has had a significant impact on how mankind thinks about the future.

Using the individual personal transformations of the four figures, “Going Circular” proposes real solutions being used today to better care for the bonds that bind humanity and the natural world, and move us towards a more circular society based on the universal principle that everything is reused eventually, and nothing goes to waste.

“‘Going Circular’ is not only an excellent documentary, it is a very important film for the future of our planet and we are proud to be part of this trend-setting project,” said Ralf Rueckauer, VP of ZDFE.unscripted. “At the same time, we feel honored by the trust that has been placed in the ZDF Enterprises group by our long-standing partner Curiosity.”

“This film unlocks the secrets to circularity, showcasing how using nature’s universal principles to transform economies can help create a better future for the planet. I hope that the film will inspire viewers to welcome a circular lifestyle,” added Ellen Windemuth, co-CEO of Off the Fence.

“It’s no small task to tackle questions about humanity’s future on our planet,” said Rob Burk, head of original content for Curiosity. “‘Going Circular’ examines the challenges we face, but at its core, the film explores the real-world solutions that are transforming how we survive and thrive, and it’s an honor to partner with the incredible storytellers at Off the Fence and ZDF Enterprises to bring this documentary to viewers around the world.”

Burk executive produced the special with Allison Bean and Robert Jan Ogtrop from Off the Fence. Marita Hübinger executive produced for ZDF/Arte and Nikolas Hülbusch for ZDF Enterprises.

In addition to its Nov. 4 launch on Curiosity Stream, the film will receive a special European premiere screening at the UN Climate Change Conference 2021 (COP26) on Nov. 6 in Glasgow, Scotland.