Amazon Prime Video has greenlit the second and third season of its first worldwide scripted Spanish-language comedy series, “Como Sobrevivir Soltero” (“How to Survive Being Single”).

“We are proud to announce the arrival of two more seasons of this hilarious romantic comedy series, working alongside Campanario Entertainment and the talented brothers Emiliano and Sebastián Zurita,” said Javiera Balmaceda, Amazon Studios’ head of local originals for Spanish-speaking Latin America.

Principal photography on season two kicked off March 30 with Mexican-born actor Sebastian Zurita leading a stellar cast that includes Tato Alexander, Octavio Hinojosa, Lucía Gómez-Robledo, Fabrizio Santini, Pamela Almanza and Roberto Flores who reprise their roles in the romcom series. Some notable stars are again expected to make surprise cameos in the show.

Zurita co-writes, directs and produces the series with his co-creator brother Emiliano through their shingle Addiction House along with Campanario Entertainment. Sony Pictures Television handles international distribution.

Described as a hip millennial dramedy, the series revolves around Zurita, who plays his fictional self, and his friends as they navigate the ups and downs of dating in modern Mexico. Many of the storylines are inspired by their own and their friends’ experiences in the dating world.

After having been publicly humiliated by his ex-girlfriend in season one, Zurita’s alter-ego, Sebastian Ybarra, finds himself actually enjoying his singlehood in season two, even though he’s still yearning for some romance. His acting and directing career is now up against even more hurdles, including the outsized ego of one of Mexico’s most renowned actors.

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Como Sobrevivir Soltero Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video

“We have very much enjoyed the growth process of the show, alongside the talented crew behind the scenes,” said Zurita. “In the next seasons, we’ll continue addressing topics about romance in this day and age, with a touch of irony and dark humor, but never losing track of the real moments behind each character’s story,” he added. “We are very excited to continue the story of Sebastián and his group of friends,” Emiliano Zurita concurred.

“Campanario prides itself on working with a team of truly authentic storytellers and we could not be more excited to once again be working with the top comedy talent in Mexico,” said Diana Mejia-Jones, VP of Spanish development and integrated marketing for Campanario Entertainment.

The inaugural season of “Como Sobrevivir Soltero” bowed in June last year and is one of the top comedy series in Mexico.

According to Parrot Analytics, the romcom series ranks at the 95.7th percentile in the comedy genre in Mexico, which means it’s in greater demand than 95.7% of all comedy titles in the country.

Marcos Bucay (“Club de Cuervos”) serves as the series’ showrunner and head writer. Bucay directs some episodes along with Noé Santillán and the Zurita brothers.

The executive producers are Jaime Dávila, Diana Mejia-Jones, Wendy Cortez, and Rico Martínez from Campanario Entertainment as well as Ricardo Gaspar de Alba and the Zurita brothers.

Amazon Prime has stepped up its local producing efforts in Mexico and other parts of Latin America as rival Netflix revs up production, and has established a hub in Mexico City, which it intends to staff with at least 100 people.

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Como Sobrevivir Soltero Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video