Sha’Carri Richardson, the 21-year-old who qualified for the 2020 Olympics after running a 100-meter race in 10.86 seconds last month, has been suspended after testing positive for THC.

“Don’t judge me because I am human. I’m you. I just happen to run a little faster,” Richardson said on the “Today” show Friday morning. The athlete revealed that she used marijuana after finding out about the death of her biological mother from a reporter in Oregon, a state where the drug is legal.

The 30-day suspension, which ends on July 27, has provoked a number of celebrities to speak out against the ruling. Seth Rogen, the actor and comedian known for his love of marijuana, said Team USA’s decision is “something they should be ashamed of.”

“The notion that weed is a problematic ‘drug’ is rooted in racism,” Rogen tweeted. “It’s insane that Team USA would disqualify one of this country’s most talented athletes over thinking that’s rooted in hatred. It’s something they should be ashamed of.”

He added, “Also if weed made you fast, I’d be FloJo,” referencing Florence Joyner, the ’80s Olympian and world record holder as the fastest woman in the 100-meter and 200-meter races.

British American freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy added, “Marijuana is NOT a performance enhancing drug.”

Adam Rippon, a former American figure skater wrote, “My heart is broken for @itskerrii. I think she is an amazing athlete and her personality is superstar level. Marijuana being a banned substance in competition seems… outdated???? And unfair.”

“To punish this incredible athlete for cannabis?? This prohibition has fucked up so many peoples lives I just can’t even,” wrote Jonathan Van Ness, star of Netflix’s “Queer Eye.” “We love you @itskerrii.”

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