Going Back to the Office Again? Here’s Everything You Need for a Seamless Transition

Macbook Laptop Workspace
Courtesy of Adobe Stock/Stanislav Uvarov; Screensaver Courtesy of Apple

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Remember the office? The place you’d have to commute to every morning while listening to your favorite podcast, your travel coffee mug in tow? You had to wear presentable clothing, from head to toe, and even had coworkers that you’d hang out with in real life, and not through the screen.

For many people, the office grind is coming back in full force in the coming months. And after a year of at-home (or even in-bed) work, it’ll likely be an adjustment that will take some getting used to. But there are certain items that can make your transition back into the office as seamless as possible. Here are the best desk and workplace items to buy before stepping back into the office again.

PhoneSoap UV Phone Sanitizer

Courtesy of Amazon

PhoneSoap was first introduced to the world on “Shark Tank” but had a boom in popularity during the pandemic given its impressive sanitizing abilities. It uses UV-C bulbs to sanitize your entire phone and kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria. Plus, PhoneSoap comes with a USB dock, too,  so you can hit two birds with one stone by charging it at the same time.

PhoneSoap UV Phone Sanitizer $74.99 Buy It

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Courtesy of Amazon

You might have missed your coworkers but not the noise they bring along when you’re trying to work at the desk next to them. Noise cancelling headphones will help you drown out distractions once the office gets busy again. This best-selling pair from Bose uses Dual Noise Sensor technology, utilizes smart touch sensor controls and contains up to 30 hours of battery life before needing a re-charge.

BUY NOW: $348 Buy It

Kaya Laptop Backpack

Courtesy of Calpak

There’s never been a more stylish and easy way to carry all your work essentials, including laptops and notebooks that can be too bulky for regular tote bags. This one features a zippered back compartment that’s big enough to fit a 15-inch laptop. Made out of faux leather with elegant gold details, you can easily transition it from a day to night look if you’re headed to happy hour drinks or dinner after work.

BUY NOW: $118 Buy It

Bric’s Business Tote

Courtesy of Nordstrom

A tote bag is often the most versatile option for carrying everything you need for work, especially items that don’t need clear organization. This classic one from Nordstrom is particularly versatile, considering it turns inside out for a brown leather exterior so you can double the styling options for different outfits. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, though, you don’t want to miss out on this leather tote on Amazon, currently 58% off for an unbeatable $13.

BUY NOW: $49 Buy It

Catch:3 Charging Tray

Courtesy of Courant

One of the most important things to keep in mind when returning to the office is a way to keep all your devices charged. It was a luxury to have all your chargers in one place while working from home, so a wireless charging tray that you can keep on your desk is an awesome way to keep all your tech at full battery without lugging your chargers back and forth from your house to the office. The Catch:3 from Courant combines a multi-coil single device wireless technology with their signature valet silhouette style for a convenient way to to charge smart phones, smart watches, AirPods and more. Plus, it functions as a sleek tray for storing pens, business cards and other knick-knacks you may have lying around on your desk.

BUY NOW: $175 Buy It

Miracle Time Cube Timer

Courtesy of Amazon

If the change of scenery makes it hard for you to concentrate, then a time management digital clock is a smart purchase. The small gadget allows you to present the time at five, 15, 30 and 60 minute intervals to break up the time in a way that helps you stay on track and complete simple tasks without getting distracted.

Miracle TimeCube Timer $17.75 Buy It

24% Off Apple AirPods Pro

Courtesy of Amazon

The newest Apple AirPods haven’t been this on sale since Prime Day and are worth the buy even when not on sale, considering the five hours of music playback and automatic recharging capabilities. If your AirPods are starting to wear out, it may be time for an upgrade. The Pros are known for a longer lifespan, but the most exciting feature is their noice cancelling functionality, which allows you to drown out all exterior audio with a simple touch of the bud. And while you’re at it pick out a airpods case, so there is absolutely no way you’ll get your set confused with a co-workers. We adore this ice cream case, this baby yoda but you may want something a bit more understated. 

Apple AirPods Pro Buy It

Baskiss Cable Management Box

Courtesy of Amazon

Nothing is worse for productivity than a cluttered desk with tangled wires. This sleek box can accommodate power strips up to 12 inches long and comes with bi-directional outlets for power strips, and three smaller outlets for USBs, tablets and cell phones. The wooden lid makes the perfect place to prop your devices as they charge.

Baskiss Cable Management Box $17.99 Buy It

Flower by Drew Blue Light Glasses

Courtesy of Quay Australia

Blue light glasses are a must if your job requires you to stare at a screen all day. Like all blue light glasses, these affordable ones from Quay feature blue light-filtering lenses that protect your eyes from glare and potential damage to the retina. These panto-shaped frames also offers a flattering look for almost any face shape. These best-selling ones from Amazon also do the trick and are currently more than half off.

BUY NOW: $10 Buy It

Moleskine Classic Notebook

Courtesy of Amazon

With close to 12,000 reviews, the Classic Moleskine boasts a 4.8/5 rating for its sleek and compact style, durability and reasonable price. Buy yourself a set so you never run out of paper to jot down quick reminders, notes and dates.

Classic Moleskine Notebook $20.35  $15.73 Buy It

Bentgo Salad Stackable Lunch Container

Courtesy of Amazon

One of the hardest parts of office life is meal-prepping. This stackable lunch container from Bentgo makes packing and carrying your homemade lunch easier than ever, with stackable containers to separate toppings, dressings and main ingredients so your food stays fresh and organized throughout your transport. Pack it in insulated lunch box like this one from Herschel or Hydro Flask.

Bentgo Stackable Lunch Container $29.99  $14.99 Buy It

Yeti Rambler Travel Mug

Courtesy of Amazon

There’s no safer bet than the classic Yeti Rambler if you’re looking for a durable travel mug that will keep your drinks either ice cold or steaming hot throughout your commute and workday. The lid uses powerful magnets to keep your liquids safe from spills and features a BPA-free and dishwasher-safe design for an exterior coat of color that won’t easily fade or crack.

Yeti Rambler Travel Mug $35.00 Buy It

Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash

Courtesy of Amazon

Want to stay sanitized when your back in the office but tired of the chemical fire stench of the communal sanitizers? This luxurious rinse-free hand soap from Aesop will do the trick, featuring an alcohol-based gel formula that kills bacteria upon immediate contact. Plus, it includes other disinfecting ingredients such as mandarin orange peel oil and rosemary leaf oil for a citrusy smell. You can also try out Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hand Spray for a lovely disinfectant that smells like lavender.

Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash $21.83  $20.81 Buy It


Costa Farms ZZ Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Live Indoor Plant

Courtesy of Amazon

Since the ZZ Plant can live without direct sunlight and is a slow grower, it’s a smart option for a cubicle plant baby. Adding a flower or plant to your desk is a great way to infuse life and energy  into your workday with little upkeep, and the ZZ is also compact so it doesn’t clutter your desk.

BUY NOW: $24.79 Buy It

Purple Double Seat Cushion

Courtesy of Purple

The comfort of working from home might be what people miss most when they return to the office, but the right items can make your office space feel just as cozy. This seat cushion from the best-selling mattress company Purple features two layers of Grid to keep you supported for up to 80 hours of sitting. Plus, just like their mattresses, the cushion is designed with hundreds of air channels so you’re not stuck with a sweaty seat, and bounce-back engineering so it never loses its shape even after countless hours of sitting.

Purple Double Seat Cushion $101.15  $95.20 Buy It


Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re at your computer all day, you’ll want an ergonomic keyboard and mouse that keeps your hands from cramping up after a days worth of emails. This best-selling pair from Logitech comes with a unique wave designed keyboard to guide your hands into the best position and conforms to your fingers. Plus, a large cushioned palm rest ensures your hands don’t get strained while typing.

Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse $99 Buy It


Nulaxy Laptop Stand (19% Off)

Courtesy of Amazon

Laptop stands are great for posture, ensuring you don’t hunch over while staring at the screen. This one is also good for heat dissipation, featuring an open-back design that offers necessary airflow and ventilation to prevent overheating. If you use multiple devices and screens at once, pair it with this tablet stand for a perfect work set up.

Nulaxy Laptop Stand $28.99  $24.99 Buy It

Wood Desk Organizer

Courtesy of Etsy

This handmade wooden desk organizer, made out of Osaka wood and cork, not only helps you easily store everything from post-its and pencils to your phone and business cards, but also offers a space to store your keyboard so it doesn’t collect dust when you aren’t using it. A cork insert serves as a coaster to place a mug if you’re a coffee or tea-drinker and the legs slide up and down so you can adjust the height.

BUY NOW: $24.50 Buy It

Infinity Glass Dry Erase Board

Courtesy of Quartet

If you’re someone who thinks better after visualizing something by hand, then a dry erase board is worth the investment — especially if you’re tired of going through countless notebook pages just for ephemeral to-do lists. Easily hang this one from Quartet on any cubicle wall to easily write schedules, reminders and lists while working.

BUY NOW: $65 Buy It