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From Freddy Krueger’s famous mug to Billy Puppet’s satanic red eyes, there are countless examples of deformed, spectral and and downright terrifying faces that make appearances in the history of horror cinema — and they all make for the perfect COVID face masks to ensure you’re staying safe on Halloween night.

Whether you’re looking to scare trick-or-treaters or want to add to your mask collection for cosplay parties and haunted houses, here are the best masks inspired by your favorite horror movies, from “Nightmare on Elm Street” to “The Shining.”

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Michael Myers Mask

Courtesy of Etsy

Leave your mask on and stay in character with this creepy Michael Myers mask. This one is made with two layers of cloth and spandex ear loops, and is printed with the distinct facial features of the infamous serial killer, including his pale cracked skin and pursed lips.

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‘Joker’ Mask

Courtesy of Amazon

All you need to do is practice the Joker’s terrifying cackle and you’ll be ready to convincingly transform yourself into the DC super villain this Halloween. This polyester mask, designed with the Joker’s painted red lips and clown nose, features four filters for ultimate protection.

Joker Mask Buy It

‘The Shining’ Overlook Hotel Mask

Courtesy of Amazon

It’ll take a true Stephen King buff to spot this mask’s subtle reference nodding to the haunted Overlook Hotel from “The Shining.” The adjustable, polyester masks features the distinct orange and brown pattern that makes up the carpeting of the storied, murder-ridden hotel, but is also stylish enough to wear all year ’round.

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The Shining Overlook Hotel Mask $12.99 Buy It

Horror Film Mask Pack

Courtesy of Etsy

This Etsy mask shop boasts 2,000 reviews, where customers rave about the unique imagery, high quality and comfortable adjustment of each of their offerings. The flexible, polyester coverings features unique horror designs and images from dozens of acclaimed movies, such as “The Shining, “Monster Squad,” “Dawn of the Dead,” “Chucky” and more.

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Horror Characters Mask Pack

Courtesy of Etsy

This Etsy shop is another option for more subtle horror-themed masks. This  best-selling six-pack features a mix of adorable drawn horror characters, such as Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Chucky and Jason Voorhees.

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‘Friday the 13th’ Jason Voorhees Mask

Courtesy of Amazon

Transport yourself to Camp Crystal Lake this Halloween with Jason Voorhees’s distinct blood-splattered goaltender mask. This spooky face covering is designed with a realistic printed image of the “Friday the 13th” villain so you can stay in character all night.

Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Mask $12.99 Buy It


‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ Freddy Krueger Face Mask

Courtesy of Amazon

No one has a more recognizable (and disfigured) face than infamous serial killer Freddy Krueger, whose fleshy skin and rotting teeth are a horror classic. If you don’t already have a Krueger costume from years past, then you’ll want to get your hands on this mask, alongside razor-fitted gloves and a top hat to complete the look.

‘It’ Pennywise Balloon Mask

Courtesy of Etsy

This handmade cotton mask offers an artful way to nod to Stephen King’s Pennywise without being too on the nose. Red balloons float across the fabric, held together by one sinister hand, referencing the iconic ploy the “It” villain uses to lure his victims. Plus, you can add onto the Pennywise theme with even more Halloween decorations, including a chic red balloon-shaped table lamp.

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‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Leatherface Mask

Courtesy of Etsy

No, this mask isn’t made out of human flesh like those made and worn by Leatherface. But they still do the job at transforming your face into the deformed, terrifying mess featured in the iconic slasher film.

BUY NOW: $33.02 Buy It

Hannibal Lecter Mask

Courtesy of Amazon

Dr. Lecter’s Tiger Mask is one of the most memorable parts from the eponymous franchise, and this replica Covid mask keeps you safe from the virus while keeping you from feeding on human flesh.

Hannibal Lecter Mask Buy It

‘Chucky’ Mask

Courtesy of Amazon

Honor the creepiest doll in horror cinema with this eerie “Chucky” mask, printed with the serial killer’s cherubic face, cunning smile and unmistakable scar.

Chucky Face Mask $12.90 Buy It

‘Saw’ Jigsaw Mask

Courtesy of Etsy

All you need is a matching red tricycle and you’re all set to be the maniacal mechanical ventriloquist puppet from “Saw.” This two-layered mask features the crazen red eyes Billy flaunts after a gruesome murder, in addition to his dark black bob and painted-on facial features.

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‘Carrie’ Mask

Courtesy of Etsy

Nod to the most iconic scene in the film adaptation of Stephen King’s “Carrie” when the titular character gets pig blood poured on her while accepting the crown as Prom Queen alongside Tommy Ross.

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