The Best Gifts For Men in 2021

Men's Gift Guide
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There’s no better feeling than giving a gift that you’re absolutely certain will be met with unadulterated elation: the type of gift someone doesn’t even know they want but becomes one of their most prized possessions.

Every man is different but luckily the internet functions as a sweeping universe of fun gadgets, toys and tech for every type of person imaginable: from the tech geeks and gamers to grill masters and gym rats. Better yet, you can snag most of these products while they’re still on sale for Cyber Monday.

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New Apple AirPods Pro (28% Off)

Courtesy of Amazon

Anyone who spends a lot of time listening to content (from music to podcasts and audiobooks) will love the Airpods Pro, whose ergonomic design and compact case makes it easier than ever to tune into their preferred entertainment while on the go. The new iteration’s impressive noise-cancelling technology is particularly helpful for people who plug into their devices while on long commutes since the ANC effectively drowns out external noise from trains and traffic.

Apple Airpods Pro $249.00  $179.99 Buy It

Vinyl Record Player (22% Off) 

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The vinyl craze has shown no signs of slowing down. With artists barely pressing enough records to meet the demands of this ravenous new group of fans, it seems we shall all be subject to delightful conversations about the “warmth” of listening to a record for years to come. So… you’re gonna need a turntable/vinyl record player. There’s lots to consider when selecting a player (do you want bluetooth capabilities, etc.). However we wanted to single out this little Cyber Monday deal on Amazon for your listening pleasure. We love the wood finish of the ION Audio Max LP and the built in speakers make the whole operation quite convenient. Don’t forget to pick up a record cleaning kit as well. 

Vinyl Record Player $89  $69 Buy It

Loftie Alarm Clock

Courtesy of Loftie

Know someone who needs to disconnect from their smartphones before bed and is looking for a more peaceful bedtime routine? This gorgeous alarm clock is thoughtfully designed, featuring a dimmable display, nightlight, two-phase alarm and content player — all in one. The two-phase alarm gently lulls you awake while the second one actually gets you out of bed. Plus, it’s packed with a high-quality white noise machine and bluetooth speaker to play your own podcasts and music.

BUY NOW: $149 Buy It

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash

Courtesy of Nordstrom

Whether your man already has a full-fledged skincare routine or (more likely) doesn’t know the difference between bar soap and cleanser, they can’t go wrong adding a Kiehl’s product into their rotation. This energizing face wash removes dirt and oil without over-drying and is easily rinsed off. Formulated with caffeine, vitamins and invigorating citrus, it makes for the perfect wake-up wash in addition to primer for shaving.

BUY NOW: $24.40  $20.40 Buy It

Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club Fragrance

Courtesy of Nordstrom Courtesy of Nodstrom

Maison Margiela’s Replica is one of the best cologne’s for men, offering luxe and long-lasting scents for an affordable price. Their new jazz club fragrance gives off smooth notes of pink pepper and tobacco leaves and warm scents of cigars and smoky cocktails.

BUY NOW: $24.40  $72 Buy It

Madewell Wool Chore Coat ($30 Off)

Courtesy of Madewell

A chore coat is a must-have style essential for any man looking to stay stylish and warm during the colder months. Crafted from boiled wool, this cozy button-down doubles as a sweater and makes for the perfect layering piece for any weather. With tons of pockets, it promises convenience and functionality, too. Plus, it’s 30% for Cyber Monday.

BUY NOW: $185  $154.50 Buy It

Corduroy Trucker Jacket (57% Off)

Courtesy of J. Crew

A trucker jacket is also a classic wardrobe staple. The 15-wale corduroy is perfect for fall, while metal detailing on the buttons and popped collar give it a sophisticated look that can be dressed up or down for versatility.

BUY NOW: $128  $54.50 Buy It

NBA League Pass


Gift any sports fan the ability to live stream 24/7 NBA coverage so they don’t have to miss any of the action, especially when the playoffs kick off come spring. In addition to around-the-clock  coverage, subscribers can stream studio shows such as Game Time and Basketball Stories, and even rewatch games from the past 21 years. Here, look through more last-minute gifts.

BUY NOW: $59.99 Buy It

Digital Photo Frame (11% Off)

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Courtesy of Nordstrom

Does your loved one live for taking photos? Are constantly on their phone making sure to get a records of every birthday candle, school play, Halloween costume or stunning sunset? Why make them choose from a battery of images in their photo album when they can display the all via digital photo frame. Part of Nordstrom’s Cyber Monday sale this Carver Luxe digital photo frame has unlimited storage, so they won’t even have to edit from the blasts of photos they’ve collected of their dog.

Digital Photo Frame $179  $159 Buy It

Theragun Elite (Up To $100 Off)

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Courtesy of Theragun

The workout toy that saves you from aches and pains. A Theragun is a perfect you-wouldn’t-buy-it-yourself-but-would-love-to-be-gifted-it present. Ideal for those looking to kickstart their fitness journey in 2022 or even those who have been on top of their regimen for years. This massaging tool from Therabody rubs away aches and pains from muscles. We’ve seen everyone in Hollywood use these kinds of vibrating massage tools (a.k.a. percussive therapy) from James McAvoy to Daniel Craig (who is also an investor in Therabody). Look for deals up to $200 off across the site for Cyber Monday.

BUY NOW: $399  $299 Buy It

Tonal Gym ($250 Off)

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Courtesy of Tonal

With the Peloton and the Mirror there are so many at home gyms worthy of a Cyber Monday splurge. However, if you’re looking for the weight resistance then turn to the Tonal. Backed by LeBron James, this fully stocked system can deliver  up to 200 pounds of resistance in a device that’s smaller than more living room televisions. No cumbersome dumbbells of kettlebells to hide under your guest bed whenever you have company. This sleek set has a set of adjustable arms that easily folds within itself for an easy hideaway. Tonal will also record and track your personal fitness goals, upping the resistance when it’s time to add on to your workout. With 17 sensors the machine will also track you mid-work out for posture, positioning and motion. And for a limited time (Black Friday – Cyber Monday) the home gym is available for $250 off.

Tonal Gym $2,995  $2,745 Buy It

ExOfficio Underwear (25% Off)

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Courtesy of Amazon

These are the unsung heroes of men’s underwear. Originally designed for outdoor activities this moisture-wicking material is an absolute comfort game changer. Several gentlemen we know who sport these bottoms have aggressively vouched for ExOfficio’s exceedingly lightweight material that allows infinitely better ventilation than standard underwear. Try it, you’ll thank us later. Available in boxers, boxer briefs, briefs and many other styles.

ExOfficio Men's Underwear $26 Buy It

Carhartt Men’s Beanie

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Courtesy of Amazon

Simple, elegant, Carhartt. You cannot go wrong with a Carhartt knit beanie. They last forever, keep your noggin warm and come in a variety of colors. However our favorite remains the traditional brown. Stay cozy while looking like you could potentially be handy in this little winter must-have.

Carhartt Beanie $36 Buy It

Maple Denny Signet Ring

Courtesy of End Clothing

Whether your man already has an extensive ring collection or has been wanting to get into the ring game for a while, this 14k gold signet is a gorgeous jewelry addition. The stylish everyday piece features an abalone shell at the center for an eye-catching gleam of color, complete with engraved branding on the inside of the band.

BUY NOW: $128  $265 Buy It

AncestryDNA Test Kit (51% Off)

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Courtesy of Amazon

Build out your family tree and trace back your lineage with the Ancestry DNA Activation Kit, now a whopping half off for Cyber Monday. This is the perfect gift for the relative or loved one who claims they can trace their family back to (insert famous historical figure here) this holiday season, make them prove it. The kit links up with the app and unrolls the entire DNA story and family backstory piecing things together not just from DNA but from its extensive records database as well which includes historical census documents, images from ancient graveyards and more.

AncestryDNA Test Kit $49  $99 Buy It


Nike Sportswear (56% Off)

Courtesy of Nike

This sleek black jacket from Nike just looks expensive but the brand’s impressive Cyber Monday deal brings this gorgeous outerwear piece (in addition to other items on their site) down to only $73. The M6, which is a modern take on a vintage military favorite, isn’t just stylish, though: a sweat-wicking mesh lining provides a breathable layer, while a water-resistant finish means you can wear it in any weather.

BUY NOW: $170  $73.97 Buy It

Ray-Ban Wayfarer (30% Off)

Courtesy of Ray-Ban

Help your man upgrade their style with these classic Raybans, which are simple enough to go with any outfit and add a sophisticated aura to any look. The Wayfarer is one of the most recognizable styles from the popular sunglass company, featuring their innovative DTS technology and polarized lenses for reduced glare and improved clarity. If you aren’t sold on the Wayfarer specifically, you can sift through other Ray-Ban styles, all of which are up to 50% off throughout Cyber Monday.

BUY NOW: $112  $161 Buy It


Grateful Dead Nixon Timepiece

Courtesy of Nixon

While most Deadheads are content rocking their Birks year-round (we don’t blame them!) you can’t go wrong with helping them add some elegance to their style. This brand new Sentry Chrono from Nixon is the perfect choice, marrying technical functionality and Grateful Dead style in a rugged timepiece. Three 3D Steal Your Face subdials are individually applied to the custom etched psychedelic texture on the face to create a six-hand chronograph enclosed in a 42mm case. Plus, the custom stainless steel band can be swapped out for its embossed leather counterpart in a snap to unleash a new look. Here, check out more Grateful Dead gift ideas.


Away Everywhere Bag

Courtesy of Away

Away’s Everywhere bag is a stylish and functional addition to any luggage collection as business trips and professional travel picks up again. The water-resistant nylon bag prioritizes organization, with thoughtful compartments such as a 15-inch laptop pocket and zippered waterproof umbrella pocket in addition to a roomy interior. It’s great because it’s compact enough to work as a daily work or gym bag, but is also designed to attach to Away’s luggage as a convenient carry-on while traveling.

BUY NOW: $165 Buy It


Apple Watch Series 3 (45% Off)

Courtesy of Target

The Series 3, currently $100 off on Walmart for Cyber Monday, is the best tech gadget for men who prioritize fitness and activity tracking in their smart watches. It allows you to measure your workouts, share your daily activity for motivation and monitor your everyday heart rate and stress levels. Plus, you can sync your favorite music, podcasts and audiobooks to stay entertained wherever you are. If you’re gifting someone who doesn’t need all the bells and whistles on the Apple Watch, you can go for the Fitbit 2 for a more affordable option, on sale for only $60.

BUY NOW: ”$279.99″  ”$219.99″ Buy It

Courtesy of Target[/caption]

The gamer in your household will not be disappointed with the Xbox Game Pass, whose size and affordability makes it the perfect stocking stuffer. The one-month pass comes with Xbox Live Gold and over 100 high-quality games but its biggest benefit for big-time gamers is that it allows immediate access to new games on the day of their release, such as “Halo Infinity” and “Doom.” Plus, the pass features exclusive perks such as in-game challenges, rewards and early trials that can help players gain a competitive edge. For more gift ideas, check out our gaming gift guide curated by professional gamers.

BUY NOW: $279.99  $15 Buy It

Audible Plus Membership

Courtesy of Audible

An Audible membership not only works as a great last-minute gift that saves you a trip to the store but will also feel like a thoughtful touch to those in your life who can’t stop talking about their favorite audiobooks or podcasts. Audible new Plus membership allows for unlimited access to all of their Audible Original titles, one premium title of their choice per month and exclusive discounts on high-demand content.

BUY NOW: $7.95/Month Buy It

Big Green Egg

Courtesy of Ace Hardware

If you know an expert griller always messing around to find the best temperature for their meats, then the Big Green Egg will be the best present they get this year.  The acclaimed Kamado grill by Big Green Head is so beloved that it’s attracted an entire cult following of consumers called Eggheads. While it’s more expensive than traditional gas or charcoal grills, its design is wholly unique in that you fill the grill’s lower hemisphere to the top with hardwood charcoal, which once they start heating up, are trapped by cast-ceramic walls and a heatproof gasket to allow for precise temperature control. In general, their design is made for maintaining low, slow-cooking temperatures, simply not possible with more traditional grills at a lower price point.

BUY NOW: $579.99 Buy It


MasterClass Subscription (Buy One, Get One Free)

Courtesy of MasterClass

For the man who has everything, why not gift him with a little bit of knowledge? MasterClass subscriptions are great for people who are lifelong learners, whether they want to further hone their own craft or acquire a new skill. The online learning subscription platform includes bold-faced instructors in every field imaginable, from film and literature to physics and music. The most recent additions to their lineup include Alicia Keys, Ringo Starr, Malala and Cornel West. And better yet? They have an awesome 2-for-1 holiday deal that means you can get two subscriptions for the price of one.

BUY NOW: $15/month Buy It

NutriBullet (27% Off)

Courtesy of Target

If the man in your household spends too much money on their post-workout smoothies, now is the time to gift them their very own Nutribullet, which they can use to blend their own protein shakes and other refreshing drinks. The high-tech blender is the ultimate cooking companion,  packed with 1200 watts of power that can be used for more intensive dinner prep in addition to smoothies, such as soups, sauces, nut butters and beyond. Three precision speeds and a pulse function allows you full control at the touch of a button.

BUY NOW: $109.99  $79.99 Buy It