From Lady Gaga to Lil Nas X, Celebs Tip Their Hats to Milliner Gladys Tamez

Gladys Tamez
Courtesy of Edurne Salas

Even if you’ve never heard of Gladys Tamez, you’ve probably seen her work. “Once you’re familiar with my hats, you can spot them a mile away,” the Los Angeles-based milliner, whose sculptural designs have been worn by everyone from Lady Gaga to Megan Thee Stallion, Ariana Grande to Lil Nas X, and can be seen on shows such as “American Horror Story,” tells Variety. “They tend to have a timeless style that is about quality, balanced design sensibility and giving confidence to whoever is wearing them.”

Now Tamez has another feather in her cap: a newly opened Gladys Tamez Millinery brick-and-mortar boutique. Connected to her atelier in downtown L.A.’s Arts District, the retail space is an art-filled shop where clients can also watch Tamez’s team of artisans handcrafting bestsellers such as the Kenny, a straw cowboy hat; the Joanne, a pink felt velour number donned by Gaga on her 2016 “Joanne” album cover; and the Johnny, a Western staple with a silver-studded leather band, named after one of Tamez’s first clients, Johnny Depp. And don’t be surprised if Tamez treats you to a personal fitting.

“I want the space to be a destination for people where they can learn to appreciate the hat as an accessory — one where the hat is center stage and not an afterthought,” says Tamez, whose namesake toppers range from $185 to upwards of $1,000. “Over and over, I hear the stories of how my hats changed people’s lives for the better,” she says. “Some have met love, business opportunities or just received polite nods and compliments everywhere they go. So who wouldn’t want that?” 2347 E. 8th St., L.A., gladystamez.com